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brochure Izembek - Land Status Map

Land Status Map of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Alaska. Published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

162°30'0"W R 87 W MAP 2 IZEMBEK State Game Refuge Land Status 162°0'0"W 55°33'48"N 163°0'0"W Alaska Peninsula NWR R 86 W 55°33'48"N 163°30'0"W BRISTOL BAY Legend Other Lands T 55 S Moffet Lagoon 14(h)(1) Sites State Lands Alaska Peninsula NWR T 54 S IZEMBEK STATE GAME REFUGE BOUNDARY (Tide and submerged lands below mean high water) Moffet Pt. State R 86 W USFWS Sea Lion Rocks 55°25'47"N Native Private Municipal Military FAA Withdrawal R 85 W 55°25'47"N Federal Lands Amak I. Pavlov Volcano Neumann I. Blaine Bay Izembek National Wildlife Refuge r R 87 W T 56 S T 57 S Rd e Ra dar Sit De w Line ) (P LO 2374 K inz aro f L a g o on O utp o r ke Cape Glazenap oint Rd Gra nt P Blinn Lake Hovercraft Site Rd r 55°9'45"N 21 C6 Russel Creek Hatchery Mt. Dutton Alaska Peninsula NWR oad 22 C5 on go La Frosty Mountain Road 111 112 J 's en ns te or M Norma Bay ccess R 108 109, 110 J COLD BAY 9 C4 55°9'45"N e Pi 9a C4 R 88 W App lega te B aldy V il g la ove A King C State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game April 2009 Cold Bay e Cov e R 91 W R 92 W 1 Acre Site R 87 W 17(b) Easments 65' Road 25' Trail Grant Pt. Ma Glenn I. EM FAA (PLO 2451) See inset on seperate paper Mt. Emmons er 55°17'46"N IZ K re en Ri v Rd Operl I. BE ON R 88 W Ku d ia ko L O AG G st an Shipwreck R 89 W R 90 W fI sl ds O ute r 55°17'46"N City Boundary Oil & Gas Lease Tidal Conveyances Disposable Interest Historic Site Airport Road Marine Highway ua sh Jo Izembek SGR Boundary Izembek NWR Wilderness Area 4 I R 90 W Big Lagoon R 89 W Rd Gilbert Lake 14 C5 12 C5 T 58 S T 59 S 15 C5 107 J Frosty Peak Location Map 7 D9 Hook Bay M or z hov o i B a y King Cove B ec he vi n B a y Alaska Peninsula NWR 0 163°30'0"W BRISTOL BAY R 93 W R 94 W 8 D9 55°1'43"N 55°1'43"N 10 C4 1.5 3 Miles 6 163°0'0"W 162°30'0"W 162°0'0"W

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