Bighorn Sheeps

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Bighorn Sheeps at Catalina State Park (SP) in Arizona. Published by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Re-Introduction Regulations The first thirty Desert Bighorn Sheep were re-introduced to the Pusch Ridge Wilderness in November 2013, with the overall goal of more than 100 animals after three consecutive years of transplants. Special management restrictions are needed to limit disturbance to the sheep population and to maintain the wilderness character of the area. 1) It is prohibited to bring in, possess, or allow dogs in the bighorn sheep management area year round (this includes the Romero Canyon trail from Montrose pools to Romero pools and up to Romero Pass). 2) Between January 1 through April 30, it is prohibited to enter beyond 400 feet off designated Forest Service trails (e.g., Romero Canyon and Sutherland). 3) It is prohibited to use a campsite or other area by more than a maximum daygroup size of fifteen (15) individuals, and maximum overnight group size of six individuals year round. No DOGS in Bighorn ar Tr a il Flo ren ce Sheep Management Area 2.6 a Tr 50 ye - Trailhead BOUNDARY NATIONAL Tu RO PARK BOUNDARY Romero Pools ME RO CA Coronado National Forest 0.3 4000' Legend Trail Mileage Between Dots Elevation Above Sea Level Bighorn Sheep Management Area 0.8 8600' AIL 1.7 Montrose 3600' Pools Ranger Station 4800' CANYON LOOP TRAIL To Mount Lemmon 4.3 2.3 N YO 2.1 N TR AI L TR 0.6 0.9 0.5 To Samaniego Ridge Trail & CaƱada del Oro Trail SU T HER LA 2. ND 8 M 6000' Romero Pass 2.4 8 0. 2700' FOREST 3400' 1.8 Equestrian Center on cs k 2 .2 T. L EM MO N Catalina State Park AIL TR Oracle Road il lin To Wilderness of Rocks Trail 1.9 To West Fork Sabino Trail & Cathedral Rock Trail This map is intended only as a guide. Persons planning to use the longer trails should carry a topographic map. Each person should carry at least 1 gallon of drinking water per day. Pools are seasonal and may be dry parts of the year.

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