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More Than a Courthouse This adobe brick building, now McFarland State Historic Park, has served many roles since its construction in 1878. It was the county courthouse, sheriff’s office, and jail until converting to a county hospital in 1891. P.O. Box 109 Florence, AZ 85232 (520) 868-5216 McFarland Museum & Library Archives The park is named after Ernest W. McFarland, who purchased the property and donated it to the park system in 1974. “Mac” was a former Arizona Governor and signed the bill that created Arizona State Parks in 1957. He is the only known American to have served his state in the highest offices of all three branches of government. Rest Rooms Map not to scale Please Recycle County Clerk’s Office & Exhibits To Picnic Tables & Grill, Parking 1878 Courtroom Florence Personalities Exhibit Yuma Prison Exhibit Florence Hospital Exhibits Medical Exhibits Florence's WWII Prisoner of War Camp Exhibit 49ers Exhibit Contact Station

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