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Wandering Butterflies

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Wandering Butterflies Interpretive Panel at Ardenwood Historic Farm, part of East Bay Regional Park District. Published by East Bay Regional Park District.

WANDERING BUTTERFLIES Each fall, monarch butterflies from the western U.S. and Canada migrate hundreds of miles to the California coast. They are seeking protection from freezing temperatures and winter storms in sheltered groves such as this stand of eucalyptus. the start of mating. Fertilized females will then disperse in search of milkweed, where they will lay their eggs. Four or more future generations of monarchs may hatch before the return trip to Ardenwood Historic Farm is made next fall. The butterflies you see today will never return. Where they end their life cycle or how far they These overwintering monarchs will stay in this protected area until longer days signal Monarch Migration Fall migration: Spring dispersal: One generation migrates to overwintering sites. Multiple generations spread out across Western North America. Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Ardenwood Historic Farm Natural Bridges State Beach Pacific Grove Sanctuary Pismo State Beach Ellwood Mesa Open Space Photo: Dave Miller travel are questions still being researched by scientists today. How far do you think they go?

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