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Ohlone Indian Village Site

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Ohlone Indian Village Site Interpretive Panel at Ardenwood Historic Farm, part of East Bay Regional Park District. Published by East Bay Regional Park District.

OHLONE INDIAN VILLAGE SITE This was Tuibun Ohlone Indian land long before Spanish immigration and Patterson Family ownership. Archeological evidence indicates that a small Ohlone village once flourished here for centuries in the meadow beyond this sign. These people hunted, fished, and gathered berries, grains, nuts, and shellfish from the surrounding environment. Houses and boats were made of tule. Deer, elk, antelope, sea otters, and birds were abundant in the area. By taking only what they needed, the Ohlone lived in balance with nature. For many generations Ohlone people laughed, sang, and worked here. Many Ohlone descendants live in the Bay Area today. They maintain the vibrant culture passed down through generations. Imagine all that may have happened just beyond this sign? Illustration by Barbara Downs Courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, CA Contemporary dancers at the Gathering of Ohlone People held at Coyote Hills Regional Park. Photo by Bev Ortiz

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