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The William Patterson House

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The William Patterson House Interpretive Panel at Ardenwood Historic Farm, part of East Bay Regional Park District. Published by East Bay Regional Park District.

THE WILLIAM PATTERSON HOUSE On this site in May of 1904, William Donald Patterson began construction of his 13-room Edwardian home. Born on the 4th day of December 1880, he was the second son of George and Clara Patterson. His elder brother Henry inherited the Patterson mansion after their father’s death in 1895. His mother, Clara then gave William $12,000 to construct his own home in the Ardenwood Estate. William and his wife, May Bird, lived in this home until 1961, during which time they had three sons. On November 28, 1961, William died. His will stipulated that if none of his sons wanted to live in the house, it was to be destroyed. After some months of deliberation, his sons, now living elsewhere with their families, decided to honor the will. The William Patterson home was burned down by the local fire department in February of 1962. Photo courtesy of Paul West Photo courtesy of Bruce Patterson

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