Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch


brochure Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch - Wildflowers

Wildflowers of Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park in California. Published by Santa Clara County Parks.

Serpentine Wildflowers Sanicle Tidy Tips California Poppy Muilla Checkerbloom Suncup Spring Gold Goldfields California Plantain Owl’ Owl’s Clover Hooker’ Hooker’s Onion Creamcups Popcorn Flower Miniature Lupine Creamcups 150,000,000-65,000,000 years ago the plate (crust) under the Pacific Ocean was being forced (subducted) under the North American Plate. As the plate, made up of a lava rock called basalt, was forced under it began to melt. At the same time boiling water seeped into the “trench” and turned to salty steam. This transformed (metamorphosed) the basalt into a green and black, waxy-looking rock that looked like snake skin. It is called “serpentine.” Over millions of years this rock decomposed in to soil rich in magnesium and iron, but poor in calcium sodium and potassium. The uniquely adapted plants seen in this booklet thrive in this rare soil-type. Serpentine in one of the rarest habitats in California. Enjoy the beauty of these flowers each Spring. Serpentine GO OUTSIDE & PLAY! WILDFLOWERS OF THE SERPENTINE REALM

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