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Wildlife at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in California. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Like small islands in a sea of agriculture, the five refuges of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex provide a lifeline to birds and other wildlife Snow geese/USFWS in the great Central Valley of California. These valued wetland areas are among the most intensively managed wildlife refuges in the United States. Mammals Beaver Big Free-tailed Bat Black Rat Black-tailed Deer Black-tailed Jackrabbit Bobcat (SR) Botta Pocket Gopher California Gray Squirrel California Ground Squirrel California Myotis California Vole Coyote Deer Mouse Desert Cottontail Gray Fox Hoary Bat House Mouse Mexican Free-tailed Bat Mink Muskrat Norway Rat Virginia Opposum Pallid Bat Porcupine (SR) Numerous small mammals like these Black-tailed Jackrabbits can be seen on the refuges. Striped Skunk/V. B. Scheffer Raccoon Red Bat Red Fox Ringtail River Otter Striped Skunk Vagrant Shrew Western Harvest Mouse Western Spotted Skunk Black Bear (SR) Mountain Lion (SR) Steven R. Emmons Raccoons 16 ┬ęDavid Goeke 17

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