Sacramento River

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brochure Sacramento River - Visitor Map

Visitor Map of Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in California. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge General Hunting* Access Map . ! Wilson Landing Red Red Bluff Bluff McIntosh Landing North closed to hunting McIntosh Landing South Blackberry Island . ! closed to hunting closed to hunting La Barranca Hamilton Hamilton City City Red ! ( Bluff boat access only Pine Creek £ ¤ 32 . ! boat access only Pine Creek North Pine Creek West Todd Island boat access only Mooney (no waterfowl hunting) Pine Creek East Road 23 Capay boat access only foot and boat access Phelan Island boat access only Rd Ohm closed to hunting £ ¤ £ ¤ 99 boat access only boat access only 32 ( Chico ! Shannon Slough North Ord 99 £ ¤ closed to hunting § ¦ ¨ Los Molinos Molinos . Los ! 5 Dead Man's Reach Ord Bend boat access only closed to hunting Heron Island Willows ( ! boat access only Ord Bend South Ord £ ¤ 162 O rd ry F er Rd boat access only 7-mile Ln 162 £ ¤ Riv er Jacinto Flynn Jacinto Gridley Gridley Llano Seco Island 1 boat access only Llano Seco Island 2 boat access only Corning Corning Llano Seco Riparian Sanctuary . 99W ! £ ¤ closed to hunting § ¨ ¦ I-5 £ ¤ £ ¤ 162 Rio Vista 45 Oxbow Hartley Island boat access only closed to hunting Merrill's Landing Rd Z South Ave Beehive Sul Norte foot and boat access Foster Island boat access only £ ¤ 162 Road 61 Codora Dicus Slough foot and boat access. Hunting open ONLY for junior hunters Packer on weekends closed to (Aug-May), hunting but closed to waterfowl hunting. Wilson Landing Afton boat access only Drumheller North Princeton North foot and boat access Princeton East Road 68 McIntosh Landing North Drumheller foot and boat access Princeton South closed to hunting Princeton Southeast McIntosh Landing South Bogg's Bend closed to hunting foot and boat access . ! Orland Orland £ ¤ 32 Hamilton Hamilton City City . ! £ ¤ Sacramento River NWR Boundaries (USFWS) 45 Road 23 USFWS Property open to Hunting access allowed BY FOOT (from parking lot) or BOAT 0 2.5 5 10 Copyright:© 2014 Esri Phelan Island Miles 4-Mile Rd N Delevan NWR USFWS Property open toCopyright:© Hunting - 2014 Esri access allowed BY BOAT ONLY * PLEASE FOLLOW ALL REGULATIONS. Find specific regulations for each Refuge Unit on this webpage: Click on the Unit names in the table to view their brochures.

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