Monte Vista


brochure Monte Vista - Map

Map of Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Colorado. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

National Wildlife Refuge 160 U.S. highway 15 State highway Public road Service roads (non-motorized use) Restroom Elk hunt area Information Bureau of Land Management land Parking Rivers/Waterways 1 CR 3S 0 Parking area and information Wetlands To Monte Vista 1 2 Kilometers 2 3 7 5 CR 5S 15 Miles 1 0 CR 3E Wildlife Drive Hunt area for all permitted species CR 6E Refuge boundary N CR 5E Monte Vista 8 1 CR 6S Stanley Road CR 2E 285 CR 8S ran 17 de nal 15 Not to scale 160 CR 7S Ca CR 8S RIO GRANDE CO. ALAMOSA CO. CR 3E Monte Vista NWR Alamosa El Rancho Lane 160 370 368 CR 6E CR 7S 2 CR 6E 6 re Raptor Road 3 pi CR 2E CR 7S Em Mo Lark Lane 285 Monte Vista G Rio n t e Vi s ta Cana l 4 285 Alamosa NWR

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