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Trails Map of Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Florida - One of Florida’s larges and most diverse state parks. Published by Florida State Parks.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park Roads and Trails Overview Map ♦ (772) 546-2771 — NOT TO SCALE — Biking Trails Off-road Boat Ramp Please request a detailed map for each trail system, including the Florida Trail System within the park. Scrub Jay Campsite Boat Tours Cabins Hobe Mountain Observation Tower Camping, Pet Camping, Primitive Camping, Youth Group Concession / River Store Equestrian Area Ranger Station Foot bridge Gator Culvert Nature Trails Parking Picnic & Pavilions Kitching Creek Campsites Pine Grove Campground Playground Overlook Visitor’s Center Loxahatchee River River Area (detail on reverse side) Map Key Map to approximate scale Swimming EaglesView Multi-use Trail Kitching Creek Nature Trail Unmarked Unpaved Trail Paved Trail (Bike or Walk) Paved Park Road U.S. Highway 1 FL East Coast Railroad River or Creek 12/10/2013 River Area Detail RIVER STORE Concession/Visitor Service Boat Tours / Rentals Horse Rides Map not to scale Park Drive Cabin Area 8 9 1 2 3 4 10 11 12 Kitching Creek Pavilion Wilson Creek Pavilion Cypress Creek Pavilion River Store River Amphitheater Boat Dock Kimbell Education (Visitor’s) Center River Campground LOXAHATCHEE RIVER Map Key Trash/Recycling Nature Trail Restrooms Unmarked Trail Parking Paved Trail (Multi-use) Sidewalk Paved Park Road River Boat Ramp & Pier Powerline Road Playground Loxahatchee Pavilion

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