Jonathan Dickinson

Eagles View Trails

brochure Jonathan Dickinson - Eagles View Trails

Trails Map of the Eagles View area in Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Florida - One of Florida’s larges and most diverse state parks. Published by Florida State Parks.

Florida Trail (foot traffic only) Powerline Road (no vehicles) foot bridge EaglesView Multi-use Trail System x 7.8 Miles of Shared Trails for Hikers, Bicyclists & Equestrian Users 2 Kitching Creek EaglesView Trails  Red = 4.1 miles  Blue = 2.6 miles  Yellow = 1.1 miles 8 9 Orange-blazed  Hikers Only blue Florida Trail  0.3 mi.  4 blue 5 7 Water Boundaries 6 Kitching Creek Primitive Campsites red EaglesView Entrance parking, trailhead, camping 1 0.2 mi.  3 red  Horses and bikes on color-coded trails only. Hikers and bicyclists yield to horses. Please register before camping. No vehicles allowed. 0.8 mi.  Florida Trail (foot traffic only)

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