Myakka River

Hiking & Biking 2018

brochure Myakka River - Hiking & Biking 2018

Hiking & Biking Map of Myakka River State Park in Florida. Published by Florida State Parks.

cell phone, or you may be turned away at the ranger station. Do not cut down trees or limbs. Burn only Revised 1/2018 presence of alligators in all waters No bicycling on interior of shaded area or Western boundary. However, bicycles are permitted on Fenceline Cut, Prairie Wilderness Divide and southern boundary. Southern Boundary of the park, pet owners Western Boundary   Low water crossing. Not Passable. (brochure available Myakka Island Trail at the ranger station) (no bicycles or horses)  Gate Access point areial photo depicts the park, the Carleton Reserve and other public lands within the Myakka River watershed. Always carry nt water as pumps are not reliable. Water is not available at Mossy, Bee Island, Honore or Panther Point Camps. It may be available from pitcher-pump wells at Oak Grove & Prairie Camps when water before use. water jugs are for priming pumps.

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