Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee


brochure Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee - Map

Map of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Florida. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U. S.Fish &Wild lif eServic e Arth ur R .Marsh allLoxah atc h eeNationalWild lif eR ef ug e To BelleGlad e ( 21m iles) Southern Boulevard STA-1E 20Mile Bend Area Wellington US 441 / SR 7 STA-1W To West Palm Beac h ( 11m iles) Hillsboro Area t her nB l vd AI m pound m ents Glades Rd ee R d To Ft.Laud erd ale ( 23m iles) W Hillsboro Blvd 20MileBend Area Open to Non-motorized Watercraft 0 1 2 Miles To LeeR d ( 3. 5m iles) Hillsboro Area na lS t S ou 5 Miles e ve Le 40 L- Atlantic Ave Lo x a ha tc h 2. 5 Map Loc ation Lantana Rd Lee Rd N26°27. 130’ 0 Forest Hill Blvd Head quarters Area Boynton Beach Blvd Head quarters Area WCA-2 Straz zulla ee Lev 40 L- Strazzulla To G362 ( 3. 5m iles) E Ca 20 Mile Bend Boat Ramp Rd CanoeTrail ( 5. 5m iles) e ve e L 40 L- 0 0. 15 0. 3 Miles L7 Le ve e L39L eve e WCA-2 0 L o xa 0. 25 To U h ee S 44 Rd 1 ( 6. 5 mile 0. 5 s) Miles Head quarters Closed Area Parking Open to Nonm otorized Waterc raf t No Waterc raf t Paved R oad s Hiking ,Bic yc ling ,Equestrian,and Pet Walking Trails Perim eter Canal CanoeTrail Cypress Swam p Board walkTrail Lee Rd C2E Marsh Trail C2W C7 L Boat R am p I Fish ing Area FeeArea C9 A Wild lif eViewing C5 0 Marsh Trail Sh elter C6 Pavilion C8 L Pad d ling Area R estroom To US 441/SR 7 C1 LeeR oad Boat R am p L40Levee Hiking and Bic yc ling Trails Canoeand KayakR ental hat c R ef ug eBound ary Open to Motorized and Nonm otorized Waterc raf t BI m pound m ent Head quarters Area CI m pound m ents C10 0. 25 0. 5 Miles

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