Bear Lake


brochure Bear Lake - Map

Map of Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Idaho. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Refuge Access Soda Springs H PHL P BEAR LAKE N.W.R. Paris St. Charles IDAHO UTAH Preston Be a r La ke O utle Paris k ree sC ri Pa Montpelier Ovid Paris Dingle Roa d Dingle Unit Logan IDAHO WYOMING To Montpelier 7 miles Dingle Bear Lake Garden City t Ca N nal Wildlife Viewing Facilities Crockett am Salt Meadow Unit 0 Re Red Slough Auto Tour Route Dingle Rainbow Canal Alder Unit Miles 0 Bloomington Canal E SI N S SI 1 Kilometers 1 S E E NE Refuge Boundary Gravel Roads om ing ton Rainbow Unit Cre ek n ingto m Bloo Merkley Lake Paved Roads Seasonally Open Refuge Roads Trail/Road Vehicles permitted Sept. 20-Jan. 15 k Cree Creeks, Ditches Power Line Road Walking Trail Seasonally Open Hunting, Boating, Wildlife Viewing Fishing Area Spri ng Closed to all Entry Bunn Lake ee Cr Wildlife Viewing Facilities k Restrooms Big S t. Ch arle s Blo k ee Cr Little S t. C Parking Mud Lake Boat Ramp Swimming Canoeing North Beach Road harles St. Charles Lifton Pumping Station Creek Bear Lake Picnic Area North Beach State Park Mud Lake Buoy Line (No Public Access)

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