"Harper's Ridge" by USFWS Mountain-Prairie , public domain

Charles M. Russell


brochure Charles M. Russell - Map

Map of Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Montana. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Refuge Boundary 191 US Route 19 State Route N 191 County Road Malta 2 Auto Tour Route 19 66 2 M issouri Ri Charles M. Russell NWR 19 km 10 10 ver To Glasgow Public Recreation Area 191 miles 0 Wolf Point Glasgow Zortman USFWS Wildlife Station 0 24 19 24 24 200 Fort Fort Peck Station Peck Wildlife Mis sou ri River 200 Fort Peck Rec Area To Harlem r v o i r To Malta To Malta 66 Bear Creek Rec Area 24 The Pines Rec Area Rock Creek Rec Area R e s e 191 souri Riv er James Kipp Rec Area Sand Creek Wildlife Station Rock Creek Boat Ramp ve Hell Creek State Rec Area Jordan Wildlife Station r P e To Lewistown 19 k McGuire Creek Rec Area Jordan 200 Muss 191 c Nelson Creek Rec Area els Crooked Creek Rec Area UL Bend NWR Fourchette Creek Rec Area Devils Creek Rec Area t F o r Bone Trail Boat Ramp hell R i Mis 200 59 To Billings To Lewistown To Miles City To Circle

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