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Fact Sheet of Dismal Swamp State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Activities Located in North Carolina’s northeastern border with Virginia, Dismal Swamp State Park provides numerous recreational opportunities. The area surrounding the park has a rich history intertwining with George Washington, the Underground Railroad and Prohibition. The park provides public access to the Great Dismal Swamp, the largest remaining swamp in the eastern United States, and its unique and abundant plant life and wildlife. Experience the Park! Dismal Swamp State Park 2294 US 17 North South Mills, NC 27976 252-771-6593 dismal.swamp@ncparks.gov GPS: 36.5057, -76.3551 Fun Facts ■■ The park was established in 1974. ■■ At one time, the swamp covered 1.28 ■■ Wild turkey ■■ Bobwhite ■■ Deer ■■ Marsh rabbit ■■ Raccoon The rare Hessel’s Hairstreak Butterfly can be found at Dismal Swamp. million acres. ■■ Black-throated green warbler ■■ Opposum ■■ Gray fox ■■ Bobcat ■■ Black bear ■■ Dismal Swamp has a 22-mile long canal. ■■ The swamp is one of the largest pieces of undeveloped land in the eastern U.S. ■■ The area around the swamp is covered in peat soil — which can be from 3 to15 feet deep Because Dismal Swamp is a drier swamp, there are more red maple than white cedar trees and cypress. The swamp is said to be haunted by ghosts. ■■ Dismal Swamp was an integral part of the Underground Railroad, and home to one of the largest maroon colonies in the US. ■■ To European settlers, “dismal” meant swamp. ■■ The rich, coffee brown color of the water comes from the tannins in tree leaves. ■■ The entrance has a one-of-a-kind hydraulic swing bridge. Many fruits grow wild at Dismal Swamp: blackberry, persimmons and blueberries ncparks.gov MNQP

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