Dismal Swamp


brochure Dismal Swamp - Map

Map of Dismal Swamp State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Virginia Canal Road North Carolina Swamp Boardwalk 0 7 l Ro Myrtle Ditch Western Boundary Trail Laurel Trail Enlarged At Bottom U.S. 17 .1 U.S Kim Saunders Road Supple-Jack Trail a Can Forest Line Road a arth rail S. M gton T hin Was Corapeake Road ad Cross Canal N.C. Travel & Tourism Office Liquor Still Replica 165 330 660 Feet Supple-jack and the Swamp Boardwalk are hiking only. All other trails are open to both hiking and biking. Lighter Boat Display Corapeake Road h itc Bu itc ou lev ard North Di am l Sw Ins h ur an ce D ll B ma eD Dis Lin tch Kim Saunders Road l Ro 2 Miles ad 1 l 0.5 a Can ana pC 0 7 nt y a arth rail S. M gton T hin Was Co u .1 U.S Enlarged At Top Bike Trail Park Boundary Roads Boardwalk Park Office State Line Bridge Parking Area Waterways Canoe & Kayak Launch Pocosin R.N.H. Area* White Cedar R.N.H. Area* Fern R.N.H. Area Point of Interest Hiking Trail Restrooms Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center (not affiliated with state parks) *Registered Natural Heritage (R.N.H.) S.R .1 22 219 1 S.R. 1 07/16

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