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Fact Sheet of Elk Knob State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Activities Elk Knob State Park is located in the northwestern part of North Carolina, north of the town of Boone, near the Tennessee border. It is one of the newest parks and was created to protect the mountain and the headwaters of the North Fork of the New River. Experience the Park! Elk Knob is the only park that offers cross country skiing Elk Knob State Park 5564 Meat Camp Rd. Todd, NC 28684 828-297-7261 elk.knob@ncparks.gov GPS: 36.332586, -81.690640 Fun Facts ■■ The park was established in 2003 ■■ Elk Knob was considered for a housing development in the early 2000s, before becoming a state park Elk Knob is one of the tallest peaks in North Carolina’s high country at 5,520 feet. • Trailing wolfsbane • Large purple fringed orchid ■■ Surrounded by several historic mountain communities such as the Winebarger Grist Mill located in Meat Camp ■■ Elk Knob is an amphibolite mountain—a mix of amphibole, hornblende and plagioclase feldspar ■■ Amphibolite weathers down to produce rich soils that provide an excellent habitat for hardwoods and rare endangered plants ■■ Is a part of the Appalachian Mountains Rare and Endangered Plants • Gray’s lily 5.5k ■■ Trees growing on the northern slopes and summit of Elk Knob are gnarled and stunted by harsh weather ■■ Protects the headwaters of the North Fork of the New River, one of the oldest rivers in the world • Golden winged warbler • Bobcat • Wild turkey • White-tailed deer • Raven • Black bear • Spreading avens Named for elk that grazed the valleys below, the last of which is believed to have been killed in the late 1700s ncparks.gov MNQP

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