Goose Creek


brochure Goose Creek - Map

Visitor Map of Goose Creek State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

U.S. 264 reek se C elh av en 10 miles Washington N.C. 92 To B H U.S. 264 Save paper! Scan the QR code to download the map directly to your phone. th To Ba Rd. Goo Boardwalk S.R. 1334 Camp Leach Boat Ramp Rd. Canoe Trail Environmental Education Center Group Camping H 2 EC 133 1335 Hiking Trail Foot Path S.R. S.R. S.R. 1332 EC Vidant Beaufort Hospital (252) 975-4100 EMERGENCY - DIAL 911 Palmetto Boardwalk Park Office Tar ail t Tr u G R nd Ranger Residence d. Huckleberry Trail ou gr p m Restrooms Roads ose Go Swim Beach Ca ek Cre Main Rd. Dinah’s Landing Flatty Creek Trail 0.3 mile easy Huckleberry Trail 0.3 mile easy Goose Creek Trail 2.5 miles easy Ivey Gut Trail 1.8 miles easy Live Oak Trail 0.5 mile easy Palmetto Boardwalk none 0.5 mile easy Mallard Creek Loop 1.2 miles easy Tar-Kiln Trail 1.3 miles easy Flatty Creek Trail Mallard Creek l rai nT y Ive Primitive Camping Mallard Creek Loop Kil d. 65 gR . 13 Picnic Area din S.R Parking an ’s L ah Din Park Boundary Live Oak Trail ek Trail G o o se Cre Flatty Creek North 0 .25 Miles 05/17

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