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Fact Sheet of Grandfather Mountain State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Grandfather Mountain STATE PARK Activities Experience the Park! Peregrine falcons and ravens nest among the many rocky cliffs. GPS: 36.1112, -81.8114 Grandfather Mountain State Park 9872 Hwy 105 S, Ste. 6 Banner Elk, NC 28604 828-963-9522 Grandfather Mountain is home to the highest concentration of Bent Avens, a rare and protected plant. Grandfather Mountain is the highest peak in the Blue Ridge range at 5,946 feet. Fun Facts Over 13 miles of hiking trails ■■ Grandfather Mountain State Park was established in 2009. ■■ Grandfather Mountain and the surrounding area was once proposed to become a national park. ■■ In the early 1900s, most of the forested sections of the park were heavily logged to the point of nearly being clearcut. ■■ A narrow gauge railroad was used to haul timber to nearby sawmills. The area is known for some of the South’s most severe weather. The mountain is named for Profile Rock, which looks like an old man’s bearded face. ■■ Grandfather Mountain is a unique geological formation known as “The Grandfather Window.” ■■ Two species of salamanders were first recorded at Grandfather Mountain: the Wellers and the Yonahlossee. There are more than a dozen different ecological zones that can be found in the park. ■■ The swinging bridge, zoo and MacRae Meadows are all part of the privately owned attraction. There is an entrance fee to access those areas. ■■ Grandfather Mountain is considered one of the East’s most significant peaks and is also a unit of the United Nations’ Southern Appalachian Man and Biosphere Reserve. The Grandfather Trail is one of the most challenging trails in the southeast and has 18 ladders to aid hikers in climbing the many cliffs and crags. ■■ Over 70 species of rare, threatened or endangered species can be found in the park. ■■ The spruce-fir moss spider, a tiny tarantula, can be found at the highest elevations in the park. MNQPV

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