Haw River

The Summit Map

brochure Haw River - The Summit Map

Map of The Summit Environmental Edition & Conference Center in Haw River State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Ampitheater Boardwalk Canoeing Disc Golf Gymnasium & Recreation Field Hiking Trails w Ha R Parking r ive Park Boundary Park Gate op Park Office / Main Lodge ail Tr Picnicking Area o tL on Restrooms dm e Pi Roads Pied m Swimming Pool Loop Trail La ke Lo o pT ra il ont Lake Loop Trail 0.6 mi easy red Piedmont Loop Trail 1.4 mi easy blue Wetlands Boardwalk 0.4 mi easy blue Cabins Round House n Cu gh nin 158 158 tel Mo 00 3 tel Mo 00 4 Rd . Ch ur ch d rg ro ve North Fa i Roa ille sv ale Sc d. Fork Haw River State Park ll R t. hS r an tel Mo 00 2 rm ea Sp Mi Rd . am urc Haw Rive Mears Enlarged Ch Witty Rd. . Rd tel Mo 00 1 Cummings Dairy Rd. 150 1,000 Feet arm 500 Spe 0 Cedar Hollow Rd. an 150 01/17

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