Jordan Lake

Visitor Map

brochure Jordan Lake - Visitor Map

Visitor Map of Jordan Lake State Recreation Area (SRA) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

lH e ap Haw To ill ur ha m To D 17 21 Big W ood sR d. Ch Rive 501 170 0 r to n Martha’s Chapel Rd. ng rri 1750 Ridge Rd. Pea . N 1742 Fa 64 3014 1605 Green Level 161 3 To Pittsboro BALD EAGLE OBSERVATION PLATFORM 2 175 R d. 1624 Morrisville 1615 1603 To Ca r Wilsonville y 64 e dg Dam Rd. Moncure 1141 Roads rth 1 Hospital Emergency Dial 911 Park Office No B. EVERETT JORDAN DAM ex NC Forest Resources New Hill h 1 101 To Ap Navgational Buoy 1135 170 0 r Creek ave Be WH Jones Rd. 1163 Pea Ri 1939 1160 Rd. ig To Rale Reservoir New Hope Gamelands Parkland, Non-Gamelands Other Public Lands

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