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Fact Sheet for Kerr Lake State Recreation Area (SRA) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Activities Kerr Lake State Recreation Area is located right on the Virginia border, spanning Vance and Warren counties. It consists of seven access areas that surround the 50,000-acre man-made reservoir. Hundreds of campsites are scattered throughout the park’s 3,376 acres of wooded shoreline, and several boat ramps offer access to renowned fishing spots on the lake. Experience the Park! The reservoir is named for John H. Kerr, a U.S. congressman from Yanceyville, who supported its creation. GPS: 36.4411, -78.3688 Kerr Lake State Recreation Area 6254 Satterwhite Point Road Henderson, NC 27537 252-438-7791 Fun Facts ■■ The park was established in 1975. ■■ Occaneechi Indians, who once inhabited the Kerr Lake area, benefited from the regular floods that left behind rich farmland. ■■ In the 1940s, the development of houses in the area led cities to seek a way to generate electricity and control flooding. ■■ The reservoir is an impoundment of the Roanoke River, with several smaller creeks also feeding into it. ■■ Virginians know the reservoir as Buggs Island Lake, named after an early settler in the area. ■■ The reservoir is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and managed by N.C. State Parks. ■■ At its maximum capacity, the reservoir is one of the largest in the southeastern United States. ■■ The reservoir’s dam, located in Mecklenburg County, Va., generates an average of 426 million kilowatt hours per year. Largemouth bass Striped bass American hazelnut grows in the area and lends its name to Nutbush Creek, which feeds into Kerr Lake. Birds at the park include blue herons, egrets, belted kingfishers and double-breasted cormorants. ■■ The reservoir provides fish and wildlife conservation, as well as water resource and forest management. ■■ The reservoir was completed in 1952, after four years of construction. Crappie MNQPV Catfish White Perch The recreation area is a haven for water sports including boating, sailing, paddling and water skiing.

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