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Lake Waccamaw

Fact Sheet

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Fact Sheet of Lake Waccamaw State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Activities Lake Waccamaw is located in the coastal region of North Carolina, one hour west of Wilmington. It is the largest lake out of the 500,000 mysterious geological phenomena known as Carolina bays. A limestone bluff reduces the acidity levels, making the lake an ideal home for several aquatic species that are found nowhere else in the world. Experience the Park! Lake Waccamaw State Park 1866 State Park Dr. Lake Waccamaw, NC 28540 910-646-4748 lake.waccamaw@ncparks.gov GPS: 34.278985, -78.46548 Fun Facts Many rare plants grow in the area including venus-hair fern, green-fly orchid, seven-angled pipewort, narrowleaf yellow pondlily and water arrowhead The limestone bluffs along the lake’s north shore neutralize the water creating a biodiverse lake. ■■ American alligator ■■ Brown-headed nuthatch ■■ White-eyed vireo ■■ The park was established in 1976 with 273 acres of land. ■■ Parula warbler ■■ Artifacts from the Waccamaw-Siouan tribe have been found at the lake. ■■ Black bear ■■ Bobcat ■■ Waccamaw ■■ The land was once owned by Federal Paper Board Company and Georgia-Pacific Corporation. silverside ■■ Waccamaw darter ■■ Water for the lake is supplied by the Friar Swamp. ■■ Lake Waccamaw is one of the few bay lakes that contains open water and is not covered with vegetation. Lake Waccamaw is home to many different endemic species, including 15 species of mussels and clams and 11 different snail species. ■■ John Bartram, a renowned botanist, wrote about the area in Journey Through the Carolinas in 1765–1766. ■■ The lake has 52 species of game and nongame fish. ■■ Lumber companies used the lake to ship cypress shingles. ■■ The lake is 9,000 acres, has 14 miles of shoreline and 4 miles of easy trails. ncparks.gov MNQP

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