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Lumber River

Fact Sheet

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Fact Sheet for Lumber River State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Activities Lumber River State Park is in the south-central portion of the coastal plans of North Carolina. It offers 115-miles of free flowing river for paddlers and fisherman to enjoy. Experience the Park! Lumber River State Park 2819 Princess Ann Rd. Orrum, NC 28369 910-628-4564 lumber.river@ncparks.gov GPS: 34.90023, -79.002220 The river meanders through four North Carolina counties and is divided into recreational, scenic and natural sections. One of few blackwater rivers in North Carolina Moore County Hoke County Scotland County Robeson County Columbus County ■■ Wood stork ■■ Mississippi kite Fun Facts ■■ Swallow-tailed kite ■■ Redbreast sunfish ■■ The park was established in 1989. ■■ The upper section of the river was designated as a State Recreational Water Trail in 1978. ■■ The lower section of the river was designated as a State Canoe Trail in 1984. ■■ Prothonotary 115-miles of river with 24 boat launches ■■ Rafinesque big-eared bat ■■ River otter ■■ Belted kingfisher ■■ Originally, Lumber River was named Drowning Creek. ■■ The name Lumber River was derived from the extensive timber harvesting and transporting done in the late 1700’s. Plantlife consists of mountain laurel, spider lily, swamp mallow, Carolina bog mint, dwarf iris, water elm ■■ It is one of the longest unobstructed rivers in North Carolina. ■■ Eighty-one miles of the Lumber River are included in the National Wild and Scenic River system. ■■ The park is headquartered in Princess Ann, the second town chartered in Robeson County. warbler ncparks.gov MNQP

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