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Fact Sheet of Medoc Mountain State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

Activities Located in the east near Hollister, N.C., Medoc Mountain is the remnant of a mighty mountain range from the Paleozoic Age, 350 million years ago. Instead of a typical “mountain” adventure, visitors can enjoy picnicking and recreational activities in the park’s open meadow and fishing for sunfish, bass and pickerel. Experience the Park! ■■ Wild turkey Medoc Mountain State Park 1541 Medoc State Park Road Hollister, NC 27844 252-586-6588 GPS: 36.263900, -77.888300 Fun Facts ■■ The park was established in 1973 ■■ It is made of biotite granite ■■ The park sits on a fall line ■■ The steep slopes drop 160 feet in less than ¼ mile. ■■ Little Fishing Creek is one of the cleanest streams in the state ■■ Before it was a park, Medoc Mountain was used to cultivate grapes ■■ Contains two state registered natural heritage areas –­ Medoc Mountain Registered Natural Heritage Area and Little Fishing Creek Bluffs Registered Natural Heritage Area Medoc Mountain is the supposed home of Bigfoot! ■■ Flying squirrel ■■ Opossum ■■ Gray fox ■■ White-tailed deer Home to the rare Neuse River Waterdog a large salamander only found in the Neuse and Tar river systems. ■■ River otter ■■ Muskrat ■■ Beaver ■■ Neuse River waterdog Because of the low level of light pollution, the night skies are great for astronomy. Lewis’ Heartleaf, or wild ginger, can be found along the Dam Site Loop Trail. This plant is rare outside of Halifax County. Cryptozoologists have studied the park for evidence. MNQP Warmouth bass Largemouth bass Bluegill Redbreast sunfish Chain pickerel

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