brochure Pettigrew - Map
na l Rd . 30‘ Can al d. Lak d. eS al R Accessible To Weston Rd. North tai n Bathhouse Lake Shore Trail un Biking Trail Hospital - Washington County Emergencies - 911 Moccasin Overlook Morot oc Trai l Park Boundary eS ou te R d. Bonarva Trail eR d. Enlarged above Cypress Point Access Ranger Residence Restrooms Enlarged to the right tery Cemle i a Tr 4' Roads Telephone 6' Water depth contour relative to 10.9 feet above sea level. 3' 2' 4' 5' 5' 6' 6' Bee Tree Overlook 6' 7' Pettigrew Family Cemetery ail Tr Point of Interest ps 6' e re eT Phel 5' Picnic Area Be Parking d. aR li no g Ma Lake Park Office hor rv na Bo l na a aC d. il R Lak . To Plymouth Ma Moccasin Trail Rd al R Hiking Trail We Shore Dr. Group Camping re Somerset Place State Historic Site To Creswell Can Family Camping 30' 0.8 Miles Mo cca Ca sin nal 0 ste rn C ana We l s to nR d. Mo Boat Ramp Canoe Launch ho Ca n To Plymouth 20 miles Par kR d. Tra n s Can por tat al ion 30' Ca Newland R Bee Tree Canal 6' 7' Cemetery Trail 0.34 mile Bee Tree Trail 1.3 miles Lake Shore Trail 0.25 miles Moccasin Trail 2.8 miles Morotoc Trail 4.2 miles 7' 9' 8' re o Sh All trails are rated as easy and distances are one-way. Sho re D 05/17 r. Pocosin Overlook Pocosin Natural Area Dr. toc Moro Trail Fishing Pier

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