"Big Hole National Battlefield" by NPS / Victoria Stauffenberg , public domain

Big Hole


brochure Big Hole - Map

Map of Big Hole National Battlefield (NB) in Montana. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

N A I N T U M O L E B A T T Twin trees nımí.pu. horses were pastured on this slope 5 4 National -Poo) Nez Perce (Nee-M e ail ric Tr Histo Warriors besiege soldiers Overlook Big ork N. F Warriors capture army howitzer Monument Siege Area Trail As the siege continues, surviving nımí·pu· families break camp and flee 2 er Riv US military attacks le o H Tipis 1 3 nımí·pu· Camp 6 Nez Pe rce (Nee -M Nation al Histo e-Poo) ric Trai l Warriors drive US military back across the river Nez Camp Trail Perce Trail Creek Visitor Center Creek Ruby To Chief Joseph Pass and 93 16mi / 26km Scale varies in this perspective. Road Parking Trailhead Trail Picnic area Restrooms 43 To Wisdom 10mi / 16km

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