"Moss-covered canopy, Big Thicket National Preserve, 2015." by U.S. National Park Service , public domain

Big Thicket


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Loblolly pine Water oak Pinus taeda Pinaceae (Pine Family) Quercus nigra Fagaceae (Beech Family) Basket oak Southern red oak Quercus michauxii Fagaceae (Beech Family) Quercus falcata Fagaceae (Beech Family) Laurel oak Bald cypress Quercus laurifolia Fagaceae (Beech Family) Taxodium distichum Cupressaceae (Cypress Family) Trees of the Big Thicket National Preserve Visitor Center Kountze, TX Use the map with the field guide to find 12 species of trees around the Visitor Center property! Red maple Southern magnolia Acer rubrum Aceraceae (Maple Family) Magnolia grandiflora Magnoliaceae (Magnolia Family) Flowering dogwood American sycamore Cornus florida Cornaceae (Dogwood Family) Platanus occidentalis Platanaceae (Plane-tree Family) American holly American sweetgum Ilex opaca Aquifoliaceae (Holly family) Liquidambar styracifula Hamamelidaceae (Witch-hazel Family)

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