"Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site" by NPS / Victoria Stauffenberg , public domain

Carl Sandburg Home

Visitor Map

brochure Carl Sandburg Home - Visitor Map

Official Visitor Map of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (NHS) in North Carolina. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Trail over Little Glassy Mountain 0.4mi 0.6km Memminger Path to Glassy Mountain 1.2mi 1.9km 7 Greenhouse 16 Duck Pond Goat Sheds 8 Vegetable Garden Woods Trail around Little Glassy Mountain 0.8mi 1.3km Spring Trail to trout pond 0.1mi 0.2km 15 9 Corn Crib Buck Kid Quarters 10 Goat Sheds Goat Barn Barn Garage 11 17 6 Wood Shed 5 4 Pumphouse 3 Rock outcrop Bird feeding area 2 Isolation Quarters 18 Wood Shed Springhouse Ice House (site) 19 Chicken House 21 Swedish Garage 12 14 1 Amphitheater 24 Goat or Donkey House 25 Horse Barn Storage Shed SIDE PASTURE House 22 Main House 13 Farm Manager’s House Tenant House 23 Woods Cow Shed Milkhouse 20 Buck House Restrooms Woods Gazebo Margaret’s Garden Trail from Main House to parking area 0.5mi 0.8km FRONT PASTURE Side Lake Trail to Main House Distance: 0.3mi 0.5km Elevation gain: 100ft 30m No swimming No fishing i Entrance Dr Trail around Front Lake 0.4mi 0.6km Service road, no pedestrian traffic Front Lake Dam To Flat Rock and 26 To 64 and Brevard Woods No swimming No fishing If you are unable to walk to the main house, call for assistance on the park phone in the parking lot or at the information station. ve (se r v ic e o n l y ) Historic entrance, no motorized access Information Station and Restrooms Parking area Flat Rock Playhouse This birds-eye view looks southwest. Scale varies. Little Riv er Road North

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