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Carlsbad Caverns

Cave Cutaway Map

brochure Carlsbad Caverns - Cave Cutaway Map

Cave Cutaway Map for Carlsbad Caverns National Park (NP) in New Mexico. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Handicap parking only Restrooms Natural Entrance Visitor Center Restrooms Parking area Bat Flight Amphitheater Trail Surface elevation 4406 feet 1343 meters BAT CAVE 200 feet (61m) below surface Devil’s Spring MA S N CE IC R M OO IN CORR IDOR S Elevator shaft GREEN LAKE ROOM Iceberg Rock KING’S PALACE 829 feet (253m) below surface Ranger-guided tour only QUEEN’S CHAMBER Boneyard Rest Area and Lunchroom Restrooms 755 feet (230m) below surface PAPOOSE ROOM JIM WHITE TUNNEL HALL OF View of Lower Cave GIANTS Temple of the Sun Rock of Ages Caveman Junction Shortcut Totem Pole Top of the Cross Seating area for cave talks Carlsbad Cavern Tours Self-guiding Trails: Big Room Route 1.25 miles (2km), 11⁄2 hours easy to moderate Mirror Lake Natural Entrance Route 1.25 miles (2km), 1 hour steep and strenuous Ranger-guided Tour: Bottomless Pit King’s Palace Tour 1 mile (1.6km), 11⁄2 hours easy to moderate Cave tour routes wind through the chambers of Carlsbad Cavern, shown in the illustration above. Public tours view only part of the cave. Beyond these passages are more underground rooms, many of them just as exquisitely decorated. Altogether over 30 miles of passages have been explored. The deepest chamber is 1,037 feet (316 meters) below the surface. Painted Grotto Giant Dome Twin Domes Crystal Spring Dome BIG ROOM DEVIL’S DEN 500 feet (152m) below surface

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