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Featured Trails National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska Horseshoe Lake Ne na Mount Healy Overlook Trail Horseshoe Lake Trail Legend na Ri ve r Denali Bus Depot Parking Mile 1.2 Shuttle Bus Stop Mile 0.7 Bike Path Bike Path Roads Murie Science and Learning Center Trails Rock Creek Trail Riley Creek Mercantile Parks Highway Bike Trail Taiga Trail Railroad Depot 0.3 Kilometers Riley Creek Campground Post Office 0.3 Miles Denali Visitor Center North McKinley Station Trail Spruce Forest Trail Meadow View Trail ree k 0 Mile 0.0 Ri l ey C 0 Mile 1.4 Jonesville Trail Morino Trail Parks Highway Roadside Trail Mile 3.4 Triple Lakes Trail k Nenana River Hin es C ree Rile y Cre e k Alaska Railroad Park Headquarters & Sled Dog Kennels Connections Time Distance Elevation Grade Trail Width Surface Horseshoe Lake Trail From Taiga Trail or Bike Path (0.5 mile shorter) join Horseshoe Lake Trail at railroad tracks (limited parking available). From bus stop, loop is two miles. Two hours roundtrip 3.2 miles 5.1 km 250 feet 5 to 20% 5 feet Native soils with roots and rocks, portions compacted gravel with log checks Taiga Trail Provides access to Rock Creek, Mount Healy Overlook, and Roadside trails. 45 minutes one-way 0.9 miles 1.5 km 75 feet 5 to 15% 2 feet Gravel with open ditches to step across Online Guides Entrance Area Trails Day Hike Resources = http://go.usa.gov/j2XJ McKinley Station Trail From the visitor center to Riley Creek Campground and Riley Creek Mercantile (Access via the Triple Lakes Trail). One hour one-way 1.6 miles 2.6 km 100 feet 8.5% 5 feet Compacted gravel McKinley Station Trail Online tour and video = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c x4 Mount Healy Overlook Trail Take Taiga Trail for 0.5 miles, then look for Mount Healy Overlook Trail junction. Considered strenuous Two hours one-way 2.7 miles 4.3 km 1,700 feet 25% 2 feet Native soils with roots and rocks PDF = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c xk Mount Healy Overlook Trail Video = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c ad Roadside Trail Bike Path Jonesville Trail Parks Highway Bike Trail Rock Creek Trail From the visitor center via Taiga Trail to Park Headquarters and Sled Dog Kennels. One hour one-way 1.8 miles 2.9 km 350 feet From visitor center to Wilderness Access Center, campground, and Park Entrance. To access services in Nenana Canyon via Parks Highway Bike Trail, add 1.0 miles, 30 minutes. 45 minutes one-way 1.7 miles 2.7 km 150 feet From the Bike Path (near the Riley Creek Mercantile), connects to the Parks Highway Bike Trail and services in the Nenana Canyon. 10 minutes one-way 0.3 miles 0.6 km 75 feet A multi-use path that runs parallel to the George Parks High­ way from the Park Entrance to the Nenana River Bridge and hotels, restaurants, shops and businesses in Nenana Canyon beyond. 30 minutes one-way From the visitor center via Taiga Trail to Park Headquarters and Sled Dog Kennels. 15% 5% 3 feet 10 feet Compacted gravel Compacted gravel PDF = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c xP Roadside Trail Video = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c aF PDF = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c xG 10% 4 feet Compacted gravel Rock Creek Trail Video = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B cC 3 PDF = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c x z 1.0 mile 1.6 km 50 feet less than 5% 8 feet Asphalt Savage River Loop Trail Video = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B cC T 1.5 hours one-way 2.4 miles 3.8 km 400 feet 15% 2.5 feet Compacted gravel Triple Lakes Trail Video = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c aW PDF = ht tp: //go.usa.gov/ B c aC A short connector trail between Rock Creek and Roadside trails forms a 1.6 mile/2.6 km loop back to the visitor center. 1.5 hour loop 0.3 miles 0.5 km none Access trails 2.5 feet up to 15% Compacted gravel Triple Lakes Trail Access via the McKinley Station Trail, or a pullout at the north side of the Nenana River Bridge approximately Mile 231.5 of the George Parks Highway . Five hours one-way 9.5 miles 15.3 km 1,000 feet 20% 2 feet Compacted gravel, soils, rocks, roots, wood planks, suspension bridge Morino Trail Take the McKinley Station Trail for 0.4 miles to a short spur trail to historic roadhouse and homestead sites. Turn left at main trail to loop back to visitor center. 15 minutes one-way 0.2 mile 0.3 km none none 5 feet Compacted gravel Spruce Forest Trail For a short accessible loop, take the McKinley Station Trail and turn left at the first junction to return to the visitor center. 20-minute loop 0.15 miles 0.24 km none none 5 feet Compacted gravel Meadow View Trail (Connection for loop) Unless noted, all chart walking times and distances originate at a trailhead behind the Denali Visitor Center. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA TM

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