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Fort Pickens Road Flooding

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National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Gulf Islands National Seashore Fort Pickens Road Flooding Major sand overwashes can happen even during thunderstorms. Why does the road flood? Santa Rosa is a dynamic barrier island that changes naturally over time. The road was built very low to accommodate vehicle access to the park with minimal disruption to wildlife habitat and natural processes, but it is subject to flooding and overwashes. These overwashes can range from minor instances around high tide, to major events that are impassible for several days. Does the park provide forecasts? We do our best to forecast flooding events and inform visitors. These forecasts are not based on scientific models. Park leaders regularly monitor weather patterns that can impact the road. However, flooding can happen quickly, eliminating our ability to provide forecasts. What to do when the road floods? The park will close the Fort Pickens Area if significant flooding or sand overwashes occur or are expected. Campers should always be prepared to evacuate the area on short notice (within an hour) or shelter-in-place, you may be stranded for several days. If you have an emergency call 911. For the current road status call Fort Pickens Road Hotline (850) 934-2656. www.nps.gov/guis/planyourvisit/tempclosures.htm Jetty Battery Trueman Battery Payne one PENSACOLA Museum y Head Stones For t Fort Pickens Information -wa Fishing Pier Seawall Battery Pensacola k en s R d B AY Pi c Tower Battery Worth Battery Cooper B D Hiking trail Visitor center Restrooms Wheelchair-accessible Ranger station Amphitheater Campground Picnic area a Multi-use trail E N tio na l Sc en i Battery Langdon Trail Swimming Flo r i d a Group Camp Area c Showers C Blackbird Marsh Trail Langdon Beach 500 Meters 2000 Feet Ranger Station and campground registration Drinking water A 0 Parking Campground Store North 0 /GulfIslandsNPS @GulfIslands_NPS Gulf Islands National Seashore 1801 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 (850) 934-2600 Fort Pickens Road Hotline (850) 934-2656 Emergency 911 Batteries Cullum, Sevier, Van Swearingen GU L F OF ME X IC O Battery 234 ai l e Tr Dun BAE0616

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