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Guadalupe Mountains

Guadalupe Peak Trail

brochure Guadalupe Mountains - Guadalupe Peak Trail
National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Guadalupe Peak Trail Nort ing h - F ac S lo pe Guadalupe Peak d ste Campground re o -F Stock Trail Junction "Around the Bend" Pine Springs Trailhead Stoc k Tr ail Devil's Hall Trail Hall Trail De Ha Peak Stock Trail Junction Guadalupe Peak il Trai l F oot h i lls Trail ! F 9 ! an @ ! it G pe lu a d ua Tr a p Ca il Tra 9 ! ll El Guadalupe Peak Campground 's Pine Springs Trailhead s "Around the Bend" v il ja Te Ü Devil's l rai kT oc St d Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas Tra i l Pine Springs Visitor Center 62 £ ¤ 180 £ ¤ Total Elevation Gain: 2906 feet Guadalupe Peak X 8751 feet XCampground X"Around the Bend" XStock Trail XPine Springs Trailhead February 2015

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