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Guadalupe Mountains

Tejas Trail

brochure Guadalupe Mountains - Tejas Trail
Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Tejas Trail LINCOLN 137 · Æ Indian Meadows Trail Permian Reef Geology Trail Dog Canyon Ranger Station, Campground, and Trailhead Pratt Cabin ! Tr . il il . Tr McKittrick Nature Trail n Trail n y o Tej a s Kit Ca Mc ck tr i Ship Tr. Bush Juniper Trail Bowl Loop Trail Tejas 9 ! Tejas R d. 9 Mescalero ! Blue Ridge Tr. McKittrick Canyon Visitor Center and Trailhead Tra s Marcu Te ja s Tra Manzanita Ridge Route untain Mo N. F. M cK Bear Canyon Trail Frijole Trail ck R o ad ( / 62 Smith Spring Loop Trail 9 Pine Top ! ittri ( / 180 (Access via Bush Mtn. Trail) Te j Devil's Hall Trail Frijole Ranch as 2 Tr. Guadalupe Peak Tr. Williams Ranch Trailhead ­ El Capitan Trail El Capitan Trail Pine Springs Visitor Center, Campground, and Trailhead Legend 9 ! Campground Tejas Trail Eligible Wilderness Designated Wilderness Salt Basin Overlook Trail Park Boundary Tejas Trail Profile Ra nc 8500 Foothills Trail Pinery Trail Miles Mileage Chart h 1 2 3 4 Mescalero Campground 6000 ! Pine Springs Trailhead Tejas Campground 6500 (0.2 miles to Pine Top CG) 7000 ! ! 5 6 Length (Miles) 7 ! ! McKittrick Trail 7500 Bush Mtn./Bowl Tr. Junction ! ad Elevation (Feet) Ro 8000 8 ! Dog Canyon 9 10 11 12 January 2015

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