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Longs Peak Trail Guide

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Longs Peak Trail Guide for Rocky Mountain National Park (NP) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

MAP KEY #1 MAP KEY #2 A. To Andrews Glacier Emergency Telephone B. To Timberline Falls Grp. Stoves Only Site C. To Haiyaha & Other Lakes Indiv. Stoves Only Site D. To Nymph & Other Lakes Keyhole Route E. Storm Pass TH Point of Interest F. Sprague Lake & TH River/Creek G. Shuttle Bus Area & TH Road H. Glacier Basin Campground Trail I. Hollowell Park & TH Trailhead (TH) J. Moraine Park Visitor Center K. Entrance Station L. Beaver Meadows Visitor Center E. Bierstadt Lake TH Bear Lake & TH F. K. L. Hwy 7 to Estes Park J. Marys Lake Road Marys Lake I. Big Thompson River Lily Mtn. TH Hwy 66 G. H. East Portal TH Wind River Bluff Site Lily Lake & Twin Sisters TH’s Over the Hill Site Upper Wind River Site Glacier Gorge TH N Estes Cone D. Alberta Falls The Loch B. Icy Brook Glacier Gorge Site Wind River Boulder Brook Bear Lake Trailhead C. Andrews Bear Lake Trailhead Creek Site A. Hwy 36 to Estes Park Bear Lake Road Glacier Falls Mills Lake Black Lake Battle Mountain Group Site Boulder Brook Sites Glacier Creek Moore Park Sites Longs Peak TH & Ranger Station Alpine Brook Patrol Cabin Longs Peak Roaring Fork Creek Hwy 7 to Wild Basin & Allenspark (Not Routinely Staffed) Chasm Lake LONGS PEAK AREA MAP 04/11 Inn Brook Goblins Forest Sites Boulderfield Sites Longs Peak Campground Map scale is approximate only. NOT for navigational purposes.

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