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June 22 Re-opening

brochure Yellowstone Guide - June 22 Re-opening

Historic flooding in mid-June caused major damage to roads, bridges, and infrastructure in northern Yellowstone. This Gate Flyer for the June 22 Re-opening has information about current travel restrictions for Yellowstone National Park (NP) in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

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Yellowstone National Park Travel and Entrance Advisory • Historic flooding in mid-June caused major damage to roads, bridges, and infrastructure in northern Yellowstone. • Starting June 22 at 8 am, visitors can ONLY enter and exit the park at the East, South, and West Entrances via the Alternating License Plate System (see back page, bottom left). • Visitor travel is restricted to the southern part of the Grand Loop Road and the East, South, and West Entrance Roads. • Facilities and services are limited. Hours and availability could change at any time. /YELLflood Gardiner, MT North Entrance Closed Cooke City, MT Mammoth Hot Springs Closed Northeast Entrance Tower-Roosevelt EXPECT DELAYS Norris due to traffic, wildlife, and construction. See back page of Visitor Guide for details. Canyon Village Madison West Entrance LIMITED ACCESS West Yellowstone, MT Lake Village Bridge Bay Bozeman, MT 90 miles (145 km) Fishing Bridge Yellowstone Lake Idaho Falls, ID 108 miles Old Faithful (174 km) Craig Pass Cody, WY 53 miles (85 km) Sylvan Pass East Entrance LIMITED ACCESS West Thumb Grant Village Lewis Lake Open Closed Road Status Updates Bechler South Entrance LIMITED ACCESS Jackson, WY 57 miles (91 km) Grand Teton National Park remains OPEN and under normal operations. • NPS app • 307-344-2117 • • Text “82190” to 888777 20220620 The Flood One of many washouts on the North Entrance Road from Gardiner, MT, to Mammoth Hot Springs. One of many washouts on the Northeast Entrance Road from TowerRoosevelt to Cooke City, MT. In the second week of June 2022, days of exceptionally heavy rain fell across the park. This new moisture combined with melting snowpack swelled rivers and streams, with many leaving their banks. Across the northern part of the park and continuing north into Paradise Valley, Montana, flow levels exceeded all previous records. River banks were eroded. Mud and rock slides were set off. Roads and bridges were overwhelmed. Aerial assessments conducted June 13 showed major damage to multiple sections of road between the North Entrance (Gardiner, Montana), Mammoth Hot Springs, Lamar Valley, and Cooke City, Montana, near the Northeast Entrance. Many sections of road in these areas are completely gone and will require substantial time and effort to reconstruct. Other important infrastructure like water and sewer systems were also damaged. Alternating License Plate System Services and Amenities To balance the demand for visitor access, resource protection, and the economic interests of gateway communities, the park has implemented an interim Alternating License Plate System. Public entry into the park is based on your license plate. Be prepared for limited services, changes in service availability and hours, and area closures. While the park and its partners are doing their best to provide recreational access and guest services, this is an evolving situation. ALLOWED TO ENTER ON EVEN DAYS OF MONTH If you are in an area with cell service, check the NPS App (see page 2 of your Visitor Guide) or visit the park website ( for updated info on services and hours. You can also inquire locally at the following locations: ALLOWED TO ENTER ON ODD DAYS OF MONTH Odd-numbered last digit Even-numbered last digit (including 0) Personalized plate with oddnumbered last digit Personalized plate with even-numbered last digit (including 0) Personalized plate without numbers Motorcycle groups ALLOWED TO ENTER ON ANY DAY OF MONTH • Current commercial use operators with active commercial use permits. • Visitors with proof of overnight reservations in the park. Emergency 911 Bridge Bay • Bridge Bay Ranger Station Canyon Village • Canyon Visitor Education Center Grant Village • Grant Visitor Center Norris • Norris Geyser Basin Museum and Information Station Old Faithful • Old Faithful Visitor Education Center • Commercial motor coaches. • Essential services like mail and delivery, employees, and contractors. Information 307-344-7381 Radio 1610 AM

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