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Yosemite Guide

May 10, 2022 - June 14, 2022

brochure Yosemite Guide - May 10, 2022 - June 14, 2022

The May 2022 Yosemite Guide with information about trip planning, activities, scheduled events, and hours of operations for different facilities and services at Yosemite National Park (NP) in California. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

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Yosemite Guide Yosemite Guide May 11, 2022 - June 14, 2022 @YosemiteNPS UPDATE Check local resources, area signage, and the park website for current covid protocal, day use permits information, road constructio, and shuttle bus reroute updates, www. Vernal Fall , Yosemite National Park. NPS Image/Sheree Peshlakai Experience Your America Yosemite National Park Yosemite Guide May 11, 2022 - June 14, 2022 Yosemite Valley Shuttle System NOTICE! These routes are in effect beginning May 17! Yosemite Village Lower Yosemite Fall Valleywide Shuttle East Valley Shuttle Yosemite’s free shuttles run between 7am and 10pm. The stops are served in numerical order. The Valleywide Shuttle services ALL the stops; the East Valley Shuttle Services only selected stops. The Valleywide Shuttle runs approximately every 12 to 22 minutes with a total round trip time of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The East Valley Shuttle runs approximately every 8-12 minutes with a total round trip time of approximately 50 minutes. 5 4 1 7 Housekeeping Camp 12 19 Curry Village 11 ed Ri v 14 18 17 15 16 Happy Isles/ Mist Trail 8 El Capitan c M er Mirror Lake 3 2 6 Yosemite Valley Lodge The Ahwahnee Stops in bold are serviced by the Valleywide Shuttle only 9 er 9 1 Yosemite Village Parking 10 2 El Capitan Meadow 10 Cathedral Beach Village Store RENTAL Parking Trailhead Bathroom Bicycle Rentals Electric Car Charging Station Campground Information Lodging Wilderness Permits Food Service Exhibits Groceries Theater Book & Souvenir Shop Picnic Area ATM Picnic Area Post Office Seasonal Accessible Spots Available 7 8 9 6 North 5 10 0.5 Kilometer 0 4 11 The Ahwahnee 11 Four Mile Trail 4 Degnan’s Kitchen 5 Valley Visitor Center & Museum 12 Housekeeping Camp/ Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center 6 Lower Yosemite Fall RENTAL 14 Curry Village (eastbound) RENTAL 15 Upper Pines Campground 7 Yosemite Valley Lodge/ Yosemite Falls Parking 0 Valleywide Shuttle (one way) 3 0.5 Mile 3 2 8 16 Happy Isles RENTAL 17 Mirror Lake El Capitan Picnic Area 18 Lower Pines Campground 1 19 East Valley Shuttle (one way) 12 18 17 19 Curry Village (westbound) RENTAL 14 15 16 i Experience Your America Yosemite National Park Yosemite Guide May 11, 2022 - June 14, 2022 Things to Do Summer in Yosemite WELCOME Custom Art Classes: Our custom art Ask A Ranger programs are a fun, accessible way to get to Drop by the visitor contact station located in know Yosemite. Spend a couple of hours front of the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center exploring nature through drawing, painting, to get park-related information and updates. sketching & journaling or kids art, Yosemite. Follow signs to park in Visitor Parking then org/custom-art-classes. follow signs to the Yosemite Valley Visitor Looking for ways to connect with Yosemite Center. Open from 9am-5pm. from home? Contact us to schedule a virtual THINGS TO DO adventure:, or a Walking and Hiking virtual art class: Yosemite Valley has a wide range of yearround walking and hiking options. Stop by the Art Classes visitor contact station behind Yosemite Valley Professional Visitor Center for trail maps and updated instruction at Happy Isles Art and Nature weather and trail conditions. Center and Valley Visitor Center, helping artists offer beginner-level visitors explore Yosemite through art. Most Bicycling classes are held outdoors, painting or drawing Experience several miles of bicycle paths that Yosemite’s views. See page 5 for schedule. wind through Yosemite Valley. Use your own bicycle or rent one from Yosemite Village, Yosemite Valley Lodge or Curry Village, Take the Valley Floor Tram Tour The Valley Floor Tour, a 26-mile, two hour conditions permitting. See page 5 for Bike Rental tram tour narrated by a park ranger, departs hours. Bicycles are only allowed on paved from Yosemite Valley Lodge daily, weather roads and paved bike paths. Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center The Sierra Club’s Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center (formerly Le Conte Memorial Lodge) will be open, Wednesday through Sunday, 10am until 4pm from Sunday, May 1 to Friday, September 30, 2022. All evening Keep your eyes peeled, you just might see a Snow Plant while you’re here, Yosemite Valley. NPS Photo Get outside and enjoy your park! Spring offers spectacular views of waterfalls, great hiking, and other endless opportunities for recreation. Find the adventures that will make lasting Yosemite memories for years to come. programs have been canceled for the entire season due to social distancing requirements. Visitors are welcome to visit the new Adventure Out With Yosemite Naturalist Programs exhibits and meet with Sierra Club Yosemite Mountaineering School (YMS) Learn about the wonders of the park on a Conservation Heritage Center Volunteers. Yosemite Mountaineering School offers naturalist-guided stroll. Programs are offered world-class rock climbing instruction, private daily on a variety of topics See page 4 for details. PROGRAMS AND GUIDED ADVENTURES guided climbs, custom and group hikes, guided backpacking trips, snowshoe hikes and Custom Yosemite Take a Photography Class cross-country skiing throughout Yosemite’s Conservancy Experiences Learn how to best capture the landscape of wilderness. YMS guides, recognized as some Join a Yosemite Conservancy naturalist guide Yosemite by joining a photography expert of the finest rock climbers in the world, have a or art instructor for a customized experience from The Ansel Adams Gallery. Several variety of skiing, climbing and mountaineering that fits your interests and schedule. classes are offered each week. Some have skills and experience. As the only authorized fees, some are free. Learn more and sign up at climbing guides in the Park, they can share Custom Adventures: Experience the park the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Village, their unparalleled knowledge with everyone on personalized day hikes, birding walks, or online at See page from pros to complete novices. Phone: stargazing programs and backpacking trips. 4 for programs schedule. 209/372-8344; Email ENTERING A NATIONAL PARK Yosemite is a place where wilderness prevails. Prepare yourself for a wild experience. The National Park Service is bound by its mission to protect Yosemite’s natural and cultural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. Please, be attentive to the regulations in place to protect park resources (page 9) and those designed for your safety (page 8). EMERGENCY INFORMATION Fire – Police – Medical Emergency: Dial 911 Medical Clinic (in Yosemite Valley) Open Monday- Friday from 9am to 5pm. (Closed holidays.) Medical Clinic Phone: (209) 372-4637. ROAD AND WEATHER INFORMATION Within Yosemite National Park: 209/372-0200 Outside Yosemite National Park: 800/427-7623 PARK APP Download the National Park Service app for an interactive map, hiking trails, and park updates. Find more information on page11 of this Guide. ACCESS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES For a complete list of accessible services, exhibits, and recreational opportunities, pick up a Yosemite Accessibility Guide at any park entrance station or visitor center, or view online at yose/planyourvisit/accessibility.htm, or call a park Accessibility Coordinator at (209) 379-1035. Sign Language interpreting is available upon request. Contact Deaf Services at (209) 379-5250 (v/txt). Two weeks advance notice is requested. permitting. For more information or to make reservations, call 209/372-1240 or inquire at any Tour and Activity Desks. See page 5 for tour desk hours. Not Available or Modified Services this Spring Yosemite Valley Visitor Center (VC) is closed; an outdoor visitor contact station is available In front of the VC. Some programs are canceled until further notice, see page 4 for programs schedule. Some campgrounds are closed. Camp 4 is now available to first come, first served camping. Yosemite Theater is open, see page 4 for times. Yosemite Museum is closed until further notice . Yosemite Valley Shuttle System has resumed operations, with a modified shuttle route. Select dining and shopping establishments are open and encourage social distancing. INSIDE THIS ISSUE 01 Things to Do 04 Programs and Exhibits 05 Services 07 Permit Information 08 Protecting Yourself 10 Feature Story Back Yosemite Valley Map Accessible parking spaces available west of Yosemite Valley Visitor Center. Where to Go and What to Do in Yosemite National Park 1 Experience Your America Yosemite National Park Discover Yosemite Let your curiosity guide you to new places Walking Yosemite Valley Entrance Fees Non-commercial car, truck, RV, or van with 15 or fewer passenger seats (No per-person fee) Vehicle Valid for 7 days $35/Vehicle Valley Visitor Center Upper Yosemite Fall Destinations on the east end of Yosemite Valley are easily accessed on foot or by bike . The numbers in white circles show the average walking time between popular destinations. Yosemite Valley Lodge The Ahwahnee 5 30 Housekeeping Camp Chapel 5 Yosemite Falls Parking Interagency Annual Pass $80 Valid for one year at all federal recreation sites. Lower Pines North Pines Mirror Lake Trailhead Yosemite Village Parking Swinging Bridge Interagency Senior Pass $80 (Lifetime) For U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 and over. Happy Isles Mist Trail Average Walking Times 5 Cathedral Beach 25 Yosemite Valley Walking Map - El Portal & Mariposa Interagency Access Pass (Free) (Lifetime) For permanently disabled - San Francisco U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Upper Pines Curry Village Parking El Capitan Picnic Area Interagency Annual Senior Pass $20 For U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 and over. Campground Reservations Curry Village Sentinel Beach Interagency Military Pass (Free) (Annual) for active duty US military, US military veterans, and Gold Star Bridalveil families. Fall Walking Routes Stanislaus National Forest Campground Parking Picnic Area Restroom (Free) 0 N Must present paper voucher. 1 km 1 mile Walk-In Campground Reservations - Glacier Point Campground Reservations Wawona (877) 444-6777; Fresno Lake Eleanor O’Shaughnessy Dam Hetch Hetchy Entrance Highway 41 Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau (559) 683-4636; Tioga Road opens late May Tuolumne Grove Crane Flat Tamarack Flat O ak Yosemite Valley r Me d rce 2 Tunnel View Arch Rock Entrance Yosemite West Highway 120 East Lee Vining Chamber of Commerce and Mono Lake Visitor Center, (760) 647-6629, Glacier Glacier Point Road closed to vehicles Rd Point Inyo National Forest Badger Pass Ski Area Ranger Station Wawona Campground Sierra National Forest Food Service & Lodging Wawona 3 Campground Gas Station Pioneer Yosemite History Center South Entrance 41 2 r Rive r Me Glacier Point El Portal 140 Valley Visitor Center 1 Waw a Road on Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau (209) 742-4567; 4 Tuolumne Meadows Tenaya Lake Porcupine Flat 5 Foresta To Merced Yosemite Creek d oa Mariposa County Visitor Center (866) 425-3366 or (209) 966-7081 Tioga Pass Entrance Tuolumne Meadows Flat R Highway 140/49 California Welcome Center, Merced (800) 446-5353 or (209) 724-8104 e (Wilderness Permit Required) d oa aR g o Ti Hodgdon Meadow Merced Grove Trailhead n lum 120 r Rive White Wolf 120 To Manteca Tuo B ig Highway 132/49 Coulterville Visitor Center (209) 878-3329 Hetch E3 Hetch Hetchy Backpackers' Campground oad Eve en R rgre Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau (800) 446-1333; Big Oak Flat Entrance Ro To 395 & Lee Vining E4 Tio ga Ro ad Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) Highway 120 West Yosemite Chamber of Commerce (800) 449-9120 or (209) 962-0429 Hetc hy ad Regional Info Hetch Hetchy 6 ce d Lodging Reservations (888) 413-8869 Group Sales Office: (888) 339-3481 Ri ve To 10 Camp 4 Yosemite Pass $70, Valid for one year in Yosemite. d oa aR n Interagency 4th Grade Pass wo Wa Medical Clinic 10 Individual Valid for 7 days $20 (In a bus, on foot, bicycle, or horse), To W 20 Motorcycle Valid for 7 days $30/motorcycle To Yosemite Village Lower Yosemite Fall Mariposa Grove Road Mariposa opens May 27, conditions Grove permitting To Fresno Sierra National Forest 0 5 km 5 miles Yosemite Guide May 11, 2022 - June 14, 2022 Yosemite Valley 1 Yosemite Valley is world-famous for its impressive waterfalls, cliffs, and unusual rock formations. It is open year round and can be reached via Highway 41 from Fresno, Highway 140 from Merced, Highway 120 West from Manteca, and via the Tioga Road (Highway 120 East) from Lee Vining in summer. The Valley is known for massive cliff faces like El Capitan and Half Dome, its plunging waterfalls including the tallest in North America, and its attractive meadows. While Yosemite Falls will be dry until rain and snow recharge it, a moderate hike will take you to Vernal and Nevada Falls. Yosemite’s meadows are great places to see wildlife and to photograph fall and winter scenery. Admire El Capitan, the massive granite monolith that stands 3,593 feet from base to summit. Whether you explore the Valley by foot or car, the scenery will leave you in awe and eager to see what’s around the next corner. Glacier Point Road 2 Closed for the 2022 season. Glacier Point, an overlook with a commanding view of Wild flowers in Yosemite Valley. NPS Image / Christine White Loberg Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and Yosemite’s high country, is located 30 miles (1 hour) from Yosemite Valley. From Yosemite Valley, take the Wawona Road (Highway 41), then turn left onto Glacier Point Road. At Glacier Point, a short, paved, and wheelchairaccessible trail leads you to a stunning view looking into Yosemite Valley. Wawona and Mariposa Grove 3 The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias is located 36 miles (1¼ hours) south of Yosemite Valley via the Wawona Road (Highway 41), two miles from the park’s south entrance station. Until shuttle service resumes (scheduled for May 27), access to the grove is via a four-mile round-trip hike with 500 feet of elevation change.. The nearby Yosemite History Center in Wawona is a collection of historic buildings associated with people and events that shaped the national park idea in Yosemite. Crane Flat and Tuolumne Grove 4 The view from Glacier Point. NPS Image / Sarah Gulick Crane Flat is located 16 miles from Yosemite Valley at the junction of the Big Oak Flat and Tioga Roads. A number of hikes through pleasant meadows are available. To see giant sequoias, park at the Tuolumne Grove parking area located on the Tioga Road, and walk one steep mile down to the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias. Or, park at Merced Grove trailhead and walk two steep miles down to this small grove. These groves north of Yosemite Valley are smaller than the more-famous Mariposa Grove, but are quieter and off limits to vehicles. Remember that the walk down is easier than the walk back up. Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Road 5 The Tioga Road (may open by Memorial Day weekend) offers a 39-mile scenic drive past forests, meadows, lakes, and granite domes. The road’s elevation ranges from 6,200 feet to just under 10,000 feet. Tuolumne Meadows embodies the high-country of the Sierra Nevada. The Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River winds through broad sub-alpine meadows, granite domes and peaks. It is the jumping off place for many hikes, whether you venture out for a day or a week. All visitors to the high country should be aware of wet, Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. NPS Image / Jeffrey Trust muddy, or snow-covered trails. Hikers need to be prepared to stay safe, not get lost, and to prevent damaging sensitive meadows and riverbanks. Stop in at the Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center and Bookstore for all local information including natural and cultural history, trail conditions, hikes and daily ranger programs in the area. Check the park’s website for daily updates about possible delays due to road construction at . Hetch Hetchy 6 Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, a source of drinking water and hydroelectric power for the City of San Francisco, is home to spectacular scenery and the starting point for many wilderness trails. The area’s low elevation makes it a good place to hike in autumn and winter. The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir is located 40 miles (1¼ hour) from Yosemite Valley via the Big Oak Flat Road (Highway 120W) and the Evergreen Road. The Hetch Hetchy Road is open from 8am to 5pm. Vehicles and/or trailers over 25 feet long, and RVs and other vehicles over 8 feet wide are not permitted on the narrow, winding Hetch Hetchy Road. Cathedral Peak. NPS Image Buy Your Site Pass on Purchase your Yosemite National Park site pass on before you arrive. Your site pass can easily be downloaded on your phone or tablet, or be printed to be displayed when you arrive. Learn more at https://www. Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. NPS Image 3 Experience Your America Yosemite National Park Yosemite Valley Programs, Art, and Exhibits Yosemite Valley Visitor Center and Bookstore A visitor contact station is available near the visitor center for information and updates. Hours are from 9am to 5pm. The Yosemite Conservancy Bookstore and Valley Visitor Center exhibit hall are open 9am to 5pm. YOSEMITE MUSEUM Closed Spring of 2022 YOSEMITE THEATER The Spirit of Yosemite shows daily, on the half hour from 9:30am to 4:30pm, in the Theater behind the Valley Visitor Center. INDIAN CULTURAL VILLAGE Walk through the reconstructed Indian Village of Ahwahnee and learn about the structures the Ahwahneechee lived in and the plants they used for survival. View the interactive displays and see the ceremonial roundhouse, bark houses, and sweathouse members of the local tribes use. Located behind Yosemite UPCOMING OUTDOOR ADVENTURES hand-crafts, and a collection of Ansel Adams that can only come from such acute knowledge May 20-21 June 2-4 June 3 Yosemite Field School: original photographs. We offer half-day of a Place. A passion for these landscapes is Meadow Magic photography classes and private guided tours, evident in each composition, one not only Intro Backpack: Southern reservations required. Call 209/372-4413 or rooted in a love of light, but in sharing a visceral Yosemite Waterfalls visit moment that may otherwise (if not for the Adventure Combo: Hike and Located in Yosemite Village. distinct character of light passing through a Stargaze #1 lens) be consigned to demure promise. Yosemite Field School: Bird- CURRENT EXHIBITION Banding Sierra Overture: Photographs by Charlotte Gibb A reception for William Neill and his new Or plan a Custom Adventure with one of our April 24, 2022 - June 4, 2022 exhibition “Passages of Light” will be hosted by naturalists. Learn more and sign up: yosemite. A new chapter is a time for reflection and The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Village org/custom-adventures. anticipation. Not far from home, Charlotte on Sunday, July 10 between 11am and 1pm with Gibb has been exploring the Sierra for years, a book signing to accompany the event. June 10-12 UPCOMING ART PROGRAMS quietly but fervently creating an amazing Get creative in Yosemite Valley! Head to collection of photographs that have a familiar Happy Isles Art and Nature Center to join but distinct vision. Her very lyrical and Yosemite Conservancy for an outdoor dreamlike compositions, invite one to explore workshop with a professional artist, crafting the landscape as one would in the comfort of workshops, nature journaling strolls, paint their own backyard, but provide a sense of and sip (at Yosemite Valley Lodge), children’s wonder that one might attribute to a storybook art activities, or the nature exhibit. Pre- seeped in fantasy and adventure. registration is recommended for art classes, drop-ins are welcome. Open daily 9am to 4pm. Sierra Overture: Photographs by Charlotte Gibb through June 4, 2022, and we hope you will May 16-20 Watercolor with Grace Fong visit us to begin this new chapter. Yosemite Conservancy May 23-27 Watercolor with Bridgette Join Yosemite Conservancy for a memorable May 30-Jun 3 Leaf Painting & Watercolor Passages of Light: Photographs by William Neill & Jun 6-10 with Sue Fierston June 5, 2022 - July 23, 2022 Jun 13-17 Charcoal Drawing with Jeff William Neill has been photographing Yosemite Hemming and the West for over 40 years and has created experience in the park! Advanced registration is required for all Outdoor Adventures. Explore our website ( and follow us on social media to find the latest updates from our team, learn about our organization, and browse our program calendar. TIME Complete the activities that are the best fit for you in the below self-guided handbook, available for FREE at visitor center bookstores throughout Yosemite National Park. When you are done, share your booklet with a park ranger at any Yosemite visitor center during operating hours to receive your Junior Ranger badge. will be on display at The Ansel Adams Gallery Art Classes: Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm: Museum in Yosemite Village. BECOME A JUNIOR RANGER Meinhold The Ansel Adams Gallery FUTURE EXHIBITION a body of work that reveals a grand wonder all around us. A well traversed exploration The Ansel Adams Gallery is open daily from of these places treats each scene as a sublime 10am to 4pm. Experience a variety of fine arts, exchange of light arranged in a visual poetry PROGRAMS - (NPS = National Park Service; YC = Yosemite Conservancy; TAAG = The Ansel Adams Gallery = Accessible; $ = Program offered for a fee) DURATION LOCATION REMARKS 8:00am Climber Coffee Meet with NPS climbing rangers to discuss current events surrounding the climbing community. Meet at Camp 4 campground near registration booth. (NPS) 2 hrs Yosemite Valley 9:00am In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams Register in advance at $ (TAAG) 4 hrs Yosemite Valley 9:00am Ansel Adams’ Legacy and Your Digital Camera Register in advance at $ (TAAG) 4 hrs Yosemite Valley 9:00am In the Field: Creative Smartphone Photography Register in advance at www.anseladams. com. $ (TAAG) 3 hrs Yosemite Valley 9:00am Demystifying Digital Exposure Register in advance at $ (TAAG) 2 hrs Yosemite Valley 9:00am Daily Art Class Meet at Happy Isles Art & Nature Center (June 13 and 14 meet at Valley Visitor Center), register at $ (YC) 4 hrs Yosemite Valley 8:00am Wow, Wawona! A Colorful Cultural History Stroll Reservations required. Register at $ (YC) 2 hrs. Wawona 10:00am Kid’s Art Class Meet at Happy Isles Art & Nature Center, walk ups welcome. $ (YC) 1 hrs Yosemite Valley Begins June 7 11:00am Crafting Workshop Meet at Happy Isles Art & Nature Center, register at $ (YC) 2 hrs Yosemite Valley Begins June 6 11:00am Nature Journaling Stroll Meet at Happy Isles Art & Nature Center, register at $ (YC) 2 hrs Yosemite Valley June 9 Only 11:00pm Wawona Wander: Tales from Days Gone By Reservations required. Register at adventures. $ (YC) 2 hrs Wawona 12:30pm Ask-A-Climber View climbers on El Capitan through spotting scopes and discover the world of vertical adventure on Yosemite’s big walls. West side of El Capitan bridge (NPS) 4 hrs Yosemite Valley SU M TU W TH F SA Sunday X Wednesday X Sunday X Monday X Saturday X Except May 9-13 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Wednesday X X X X Friday X Sunday X X X X X X X X Thursday X Wednesday X Begins May 14 1:00pm In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams Register in advance at$ (TAAG) 4 hrs Yosemite Valley 1:00pm In the Field: Creative Smartphone Photography Register in advance at www.anseladams. com. $ (TAAG) 3 hrs Yosemite Valley 1:00pm Kid’s Art Class Meet at Happy Isles Art & Nature Center (except June 6), walk ups welcome. $ (YC) 1 hrs Yosemite Valley Begins May 31 2:00pm Paint & Sip Meet at Mountain Room Lounge at Yosemite Valley Lodge, register at $ (YC) 2 hrs Yosemite Valley Begins May 27 2:00pm Kid’s Science Talk Meet at Happy Isles Art & Nature Center, walk ups welcome. (YC) 20 mins Yosemite Valley 6:00pm Yosemite Valley Sunset Walk Reservations required. Register at $ (YC) 2 hrs Yosemite Valley 9:00pm Explore Yosemite Valley’s Night Sky Reservations required. Register at adventures. $ (YC) 1 hr Yosemite Valley 4 Illustration by Stefani Lacy Wednesday X Monday X Tuesday X Wednesday X Thursday X Friday X Saturday X Monday X Thursday Saturday X Monday X Tuesday X Wednesday X X Thursday X Friday X Tuesday X Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday X X X X X X X X Friday X Friday X Yosemite Guide May 11, 2022 - June 14, 2022 Services in Yosemite Schedule HOUSEKEEPING CAMP Gift/Grocery 8am to 9pm WAWONA Wawona Store & Pioneer Gift Shop 8am to 8pm CRANE FLAT Grocery 8am to 7pm beginning May 27 TUOLUMNE MEADOWS Gift/Grocery 9am to 5:30pm beginning June 3 EL PORTAL El Portal Market 9am to 7pm Gas and Service Stations The Village Grill in Yosemite Village will open for the season on May 11, 2022. NPS Image Hours listed are core hours and may be extended during peak visitation. Food and Drink YOSEMITE VILLAGE Degnan’s Kitchen 7am to 11am, 11:30am to 6pm Village Grill Thurs-Mon, 11am to 6pm, starting May 19 THE AHWAHNEE Dining Room Breakfast: 7am to 10am Lunch: 11:30am to 2pm, Dinner: 5:30pm to 8:30pm, 5:30pm to 9:30pm beginning May 27 Sunday Brunch: 8am to 2pm Advance reservations available for hotel guests, call 209/372-1489. The Ahwahnee Bar Mon-Thurs: 2pm to 9pm Fri-Sun: 12pm to 10pm, 12pm to 10pm daily beginning May 27 YOSEMITE VALLEY LODGE Starbucks Coffee 7am to 3pm beginning June 30 Base Camp Eatery Breakfast: 6:30am to 10:30am Lunch/Dinner: 11am to 9pm, 11am to 10pm beginning May 27 Mountain Room Bar 5pm to 9:30pm, beginning May 27, Sun-Thurs: 5pm to 10pm; Fri/Sat: 12pm to 10pm Mountain Room Restaurant Wed-Sun: 5pm to 9pm, 5pm to 9:30pm daily beginning May 30 CURRY VILLAGE Seven Tents Pavilion Breakfast: 7am to 10am Lunch: 11am to 4pm (Grab n’ Go) Pizza Deck 4pm to 9pm Bar 1899 11am to 10pm Coffee Corner Wed-Sun: 6:30am to 11am, open daily beginning May 13, 6:30am to 2pm daily beginning May 28 WAWONA Wawona Hotel and Dining Breakfast: 7am to 10am Lunch: 11am to 2pm Dinner: 5pm to 9pm Saturday BBQ: 5pm to 7pm beginning May 27; also on May 30 and June 17 Grocery Stores YOSEMITE VILLAGE STORE Gift/Grocery 8am to 10pm YOSEMITE VALLEY LODGE Gift/Grocery 8am to 10pm CURRY VILLAGE Gift/Grocery 8am to 10pm RELIGIOUS SERVICES YOSEMITE COMMUNITY CHURCH (The Chapel) Resident Minister: Pastor Brent Moore 209/372-4831 • Sunday Service: 9:15am 11am Memorial Day–Labor Day *Subject to Covid -19 policies. Please call the chapel for current information before you travel. CHURCH OF CHRIST (Non-denominational) El Portal Chapel / Worship: Sunday 11am Info: 209/379-2100 SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS No meetings at this time Oakhurst Hotline: 559/683-1662 EL PORTAL 8am to 5pm Pay 24 hours with credit or debit card WAWONA SERVICE STATION 8am to 6pm, Diesel & propane. Pay 24 hours with credit or debit card. CRANE FLAT 8am to 7pm Pay 24 hours with credit or debit card, Post Offices YOSEMITE VILLAGE (Main Office) Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 5pm Saturday: 10am to noon YOSEMITE VALLEY LODGE Monday - Friday: 12:30pm to 2:45pm EL PORTAL Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 5pm Closed 12:30pm to 1:30pm WAWONA Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday: 9am to noon Books, Gifts and Apparel YOSEMITE VILLAGE Yosemite Conservancy Bookstore at Yosemite Valley Visitor Center 9am to 5pm Yosemite Museum Store 10am to 4pm (closed for lunch), beginning May 27 Happy Isles Art and Nature Center 9am to 4pm The Ansel Adams Gallery 10am to 4pm THE AHWAHNEE Gift Shop 8am to 9pm Sweet Shop 8am to 8pm, 7am to 10pm beginning May 27 YOSEMITE VILLAGE STORE Gift/Grocery 8am to 10pm YOSEMITE VALLEY LODGE Gift/Grocery 8am to 10pm CURRY VILLAGE Gift/Grocery 8am to 10pm Mountain Shop 8am to 8pm WAWONA Wawona Store & Pioneer Gift Shop 8am to 8pm Golf Shop 7am to 6pm Yosemite Conservancy Bookstore at HIll’s Studio Visitor Center 9am to 5pm MARIPOSA GROVE WELCOME PLAZA The Depot 9am to 5pm BIG OAK FLAT Yosemite Conservancy Bookstore at Big Oak Flat Information Center 9am to 5pm, beginning May 20 Recreation BIKE RENTALS Curry Village 8am to 7pm Yosemite Village 8am to 6pm Yosemite Valley Lodge 8am to 6pm TOUR/ACTIVITY DESK Curry Village 7:30am to 3:30pm Yosemite Valley Lodge 7:30am to 7pm CURRY VILLAGE Yosemite Mountaineering School 8:30am to 12pm, 1pm to 4:30pm Raft Rentals 10am to 4pm beginning May 13 WAWONA Stable Rides: 8am, 10:30am, and 2pm, beginning May 27; All-day rides: 8am Thursdays Golf Course (Beginning June 3) Golf - Wed-Sun: 7am to 5pm Disc Golf - Mon/Tues: 12pm to 6pm Other Services MEDICAL CLINIC - Yosemite Valley (209) 372-4637 For emergency care CALL 9-1-1 Mon-Fri: 9am to 12pm; 1pm to 5pm, Closed weekends and federal holidays YOSEMITE VILLAGE GARAGE 8am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm HOUSEKEEPING CAMP LAUNDRY 8am to 8pm, beginning May 30 VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS Please move vehicle once it is charged The Ahwahnee (one Tesla/one level 1) Village Store (one level 2) Yosemite Valley Lodge (eight level 2) El Portal Gas Station (two level 2) 5 Experience Your America Yosemite National Park Hiking Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, NPS Image/Jeffrey Trust Choose Your Adventure What better way to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite than on foot. Ask a ranger at any visitor contact station for updated trail conditions and one of several free day hike handouts. WALKS/HIKES TO DO IN WAWONA HIKES IN CRANE FLAT Merced Grove Yosemite History Center Tuolumne Grove Yosemite’s quietest stand of sequoias is the Go back to a time of horse-drawn wagons, a The trailhead for this grove of about 25 Merced Grove, a group of approximately 20 covered bridge, and log cabins. The Yosemite sequoias is near the intersection of the Big big trees accessible only on foot. It’s a three- History Center has interpretive signs that Oak Flat Road and Tioga Road at Crane Flat. mile round-trip hike (about three hours) into explain how Yosemite was the inspiration for The former route of the Big Oak Flat Road the grove. The trail drops down 1.5 miles national parks across America and the world. leads downhill from the parking area into the making this a moderately strenuous hike on grove. The trail drops 500 feet (150 meters) the uphill portion. There is no potable water Mariposa Grove in one mile. The way down can seem much at the parking area or down in the grove. Be Located near Yosemite’s South Entrance, the easier than the uphill return to the parking sure to bring drinking water with you. The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequioas is the park’s lot. The trip is moderately strenuous on the grove is located 3½ miles north of Crane Flat largest stand of giant sequoias, with about u

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