brochure Stillwater - Map

Map of Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Nevada. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

FA L L O N N AT I O N A L Carson Sink WILDLIFE REFUGE NE VA DA Battleground Point D D U N E Twin Lakes Parking Ar ea Sagouspe Dam V isit or Infor mat ion Rio Vista Rd. Trail Fallon N 2 Miles Kilometers 2 In dia nL ake s oa d Camping R Ole’s Pond Fa l l o n PaiuteShoshone Tribal Reservation S-Line Reservoir 50 R A 116 Stillwater Road Harmon Reservoir l Road Nutgrass Lake Nu tg ra ss Pi n tai ad Road E T Upper Foxtail Lake Goose Lake Division Road Cattail Lake Dry Lake Foxtail Lake ur To to u A Overlook Stillwater Point Reservoir ad Ro Division Pond E Alkali Doghead Pond Environmental Education Site op Lo L L ad Ro E ty n G u N Co A st R a E R E T A W I P I V abin yC av Hu nt er Boat R amp/Parking Ar ea Vaughn Lake West County Road Dunes Likes Lake Upper Lake River Carson Wet lands East Lake Cottonwood Lake r Ro T 95 0 Big Water S Papoose Lake Rivers Lead Lake Big Indian Lake S Swan Check Lake Tule Lake N Wolf Dam C Millen Lake No Hunt ing Refuge Boundar y ente Willow Lake Ca r Dirt R oads r ve Ri Swan Lake Ro ad so n Paved R oads Timber Lake E Pintail Bay No rth Ro Leter Reservoir N S ad L E G E N D 0 U S T I L LWAT E R N AT I O N A L WILDLIFE REFUGE

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