Jordan Craters

Brochure (2005)

brochure Jordan Craters - Brochure (2005)
Jordan Crater BLM crater are collapse pits, probably formed by the collapse of lava tube roofs. Flow structures include pahoehoe (a Hawaiian term meaning “rope” or “ropy” that describes smooth, billowy lava flows), pressure ridges, and lava gutters that illustrate how mobile molten rock can be. Know Before You Go Please be careful. You can get a bad cut if you fall on the lava. In addition, temperatures on the lava field can exceed 120 degrees during the summer, leading to dehydration and heat exhaustion. Coffee Pot Crater, the only feature to which there is vehicle access, covers about two-thirds of a square mile and is a well-preserved, steep-sided crater. One of the most interesting features in the vicinity of Coffee Pot is a sequence of roughly aligned spatter cones. They consist of blocks of lava, probably ejected in a semi-molten state, that have welded together, forming cones. The interiors of the cones have a glassy “furnace lining” look because they were vents for hot gasses. Fishing, photography, and exploring are all popular activities. Directions to the Site Jordan Craters is located in the southeast corner of Oregon in Malheur County. From Highway 95, eight miles north of Jordan Valley, turn west at the Jordan Craters sign onto Cow Creek Road. Follow BLM Jordan Craters access signs 25 miles to the site. From a distance the lava field appears dark, as if shaded by a cloud. Vale ValeDistrict District Several circular features to the northeast of the Recreational Activities District Contact Information Vale District Bureau of Land Management 100 Oregon Street, Vale, OR 97918 541-473-3144 Public Lands USA: Use • Share • Appreciate BLM/OR/WA/GI-05/033+1122.32 Welcome to Jordan Craters The 27-square mile olivine basalt lava flow is timated to be bween 4,000 and 9,000 years old, based on the degree of lichen development on the rocks. An 18-acre flow within the field is thought to be l than 100 years old bause not even lichens have begun to colonize it.

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