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Brochure of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area (ONA) in Oregon. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

WILD ROGUE Welcome to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area Tidepool life, nature’s music and Oregon’s tallest lighthouse can all be enjoyed at Yaquina Head. The 100-acre site also includes an interpretive center, wildlife viewing, short trails and incredible views. Know before you go hours: Yaquina Head is open year-round; times vary by season. lighthouse: Open only for ranger-led tours as staffing and weather permit. fees: Passenger vehicles $7; buses $25/$50 depending on capacity. “National Park and Federal Recreation Lands” and “Oregon Pacific Coast” passes are accepted and available. interpretive center: Open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tidepools at Cobble Beach: View sea stars, anemones, urchins and more! Be sure to check a local tide table for the best time to view tidepool creatures. directions 3.5 miles north of Newport, off Hwy 101 on the central Oregon Coast. Keep Yaquina Head Safe and Scenic Cliffs and unstable areas abound. Walk on maintained paths and remain behind fences and other barriers. Waves and surf are unpredictable. Always keep an eye on the surf; keep small children within arm’s reach. Seals live here; stay 50 yards away and use soft voices. Keep pets on a 6-foot leash and clean up waste. Pets are not permitted near lighthouse, in buildings or in tidepool area. Leave rocks, shells, flowers, sea life and other natural objects in place. Kites, model airplanes and drones are not permitted. Contact info point of interest 750 NW Lighthouse Drive Newport, Oregon 97365 541-574-3100 blm_or_no_yhona_comments@blm.gov Peregrine falcons and thousands of seabirds raise young at Yaquina Head. Chicks are often visible from late spring through mid-summer. Whales may be seen year-round. Bring binoculars for best viewing.

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