Nestucca Bay


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Map of Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Oregon. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge Refuge Overview Tillamook County, Oregon R 10 W R 11 W 124°1'0"W 124°0'0"W 123°59'0"W 123°58'0"W 123°57'0"W 123°56'0"W 123°55'0"W 123°54'0"W 123°53'0"W 45°13'0"N sR d r O ld Wo r Sa n d e R es o 45°12'0"N re e sC k Pacific City od Hor nC ee k Haystack Rock R ay n I rt Dr 45°12'0"N Ne s tuc ca r Arstell Cree k e R iv Qu e ens Creek d Je n c k R 45°11'0"N 45°11'0"N Clear C r e e Brooten R d Two Rivers Peninsula Unit k T4 S Nestucca Bay Cannery Hill Overlook T5 S T4 S !! [! ! F! Õ] b! _! i T5 S 45°10'0"N l o u gh 45°10'0"N nS Litt le Riv Rd er Rd Redb erg ca tuc Nes to Up 45°9'0"N Litt 45°9'0"N e le N c ca stu R iv er M e d a Lo o p n I k ee Bra nc h r F a ll C we rs 45°8'0"N Bo 45°8'0"N Refuge Lands K e l lo w Creek Legend Neskowin Marsh Unit Easement k ee _ Restroom ! e Cre k ! 0 i Parking Area ! Miles 5 123°59'0"W 123°58'0"W 123°57'0"W 123°56'0"W 123°55'0"W Neskowin t K 0 Kilometers 5 123°54'0"W Pacific City West Fork Austin Creek Cr k Cr e e ua w B u tt e b Wheelchair Accessible ! 124°0'0"W ! Sq Neskowin Pacific Ocean ] Informational Kiosk ! t K ! ! Hebo ¦ @ 45°7'0"N Austin Creek Õ Interpretive Panels ! Ha wk 45°7'0"N Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge F Hiking Trail ! k n Cr ee Austi [ Wildlife Viewing ! Area of map OREGON 123°53'0"W R 11 W R 10 W PRODUCED IN THE DIVISION OF REFUGE PLANNING PORTLAND, OREGON LAND STATUS CURRENT TO: 02/06/15 MAP DATE: 02/06/15 BASEMAP: 2012 NAIP IMAGERY MERIDIAN: WILLAMETTE FILE: NES_PUBLIC_2015_0206.MXD 0 0 0.5 0.5 1 1 2 2 Kilometers Miles UTM ZONE 10 NAD 83

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