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brochure Malheur - Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Oregon. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Courtesty Guide River Trail Ridgetop Trail Refuge Unit Boundary Wildlife Sanctuary Wetland Trail Photo Blind Open year round - 5% grade or less For the protection of wildlife, and the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, please observe the following rules: Open year round - 20-25% grade • Stay on the trails. Visitor Info Restroom and Trash Cans Drinking Water Area permanently closed Open May 1 to Sept. 30 Uneven loose gravel surface Tualatin River Exploration Site By reservation only National Wildlife Refuge Trail Map • Walk only. Do not bike or jog. Tualatin River • No fires, fireworks, or hunting. • Do not fly drones anywhere on the Refuge. Wetland Observation Deck Visitor facilities, including the River Trail and overlooks, are designed to be accessible to all visitors. .7 m Ridgetop Overlook Photo Blind Wayside ile s River Overlook (Historic channel) Refuge Headquarters .5 miles Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge 19255 SW Pacific Hwy Sherwood, Oregon 97140 Headquarters: 503/625 5944 Visitor Center: 503/625 5945 Education Shelter Chicken Creek Call for more info. Visitor Center Channel .5 miles Bus Stop i ck en Cre ek Water Deliver y Ch September 2017 les iles iles Tuesday through Sunday 10am to 4pm mi 5 % G r ade .2 .3 m VISITOR CENTER HOURS .9 m Area Closed for W ild The Refuge is open from dawn to dusk Roy Rogers Road REFUGE HOURS s life Sanctuary • Leave plants, animals, and feathers where they are. i le 2 0 -2 1.1 m • Pets are not allowed anywhere on the Refuge. S ta Area Closed for W ildlife Sanctuary te H ay igh w 99W

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