Lower Rapids Map

brochure Ohiopyle - Lower Rapids Map

Map of Lower Rapids at Ohiopyle State Park (SP) in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

LOWER YOUGH RIVER BRUNER RUN TAKEOUT B R UNE R R UN T A K E OUT TAKE OUT Do not miss this sign! Paddle hard to the left immediately after these rapids. Bruner Run Rapid Class III SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK DA NG E R ! A void wall and s naggletooth roc ks Maze or Stewarton Class III WALL and SNAGGLETOOTH Rocks Schoolhouse Rapid Class III River's End Class III-IV DA NG E R ! K eep right to avoid violent hydraulic s Bottle of Wine Class III P OR T A G E Double Hydraulics Class III-IV C amel Railroad Rapid Class III-IV Camel & Walrus Rapid Class III Eddy Turn Rapid Class III LOOP TAKE OUT - Active Railroad u tio n A void F rog's Head i Tra e k Bi l h is t W S L E G E ND m ee R iffles : fas t s hallow water Hydraulic (hole) S tanding Wave C aution: P os s ible P in 381 P Pins "The Loop" Ferncliff Peninsula Ohiopyle Falls III I Miles .25 .5 B rys on's Hole P DA NG E R ! A void pinning roc ks on river left in lower portion of this rapid. I I II I LAUNCH AREA Cucumber Rapid Class III-IV 1 E Ca ncy Dimple Rapids Class III-IV ex i t LOOP TAKE OUT GE DA NG E R ! Dimple R oc k is an entrapment hazard! Dartmouth Rapid Class III Walrus P OR TA Swimmers Rapid Class III-IV er ge DA NG E R ! As an unguided boater on a C las s III-IV river you are accepting res pons ibility for your own s afety. Y ou mus t be familiar with this river, whitewater boating and s elf-res cue s kills . Entrance Rapid Class III-IV

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