Prince Gallitzin

Hospitals Map

brochure Prince Gallitzin - Hospitals Map

Map of Hospitals Closest to Prince Gallitzin State Park in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

S.G.L. 120 Rd. . ver St. k ee Dr. Dysart ol Mileage Dots 1.0 Miles Between Dots 36 36 Ashville (9.3 miles between dots) 3.4 Altoona St. Camping arfield Cle th Hospital Routes y. . Cabin Area Hw Bl vd Railroad h 4t 12 e e. Av . 1 ve hA t 13 e. Av th 2 1 H St. ak Park Office Hospital Va Dr lley 3.6 e l al one rd wa e. Ho Av th 11 Dr. H Col S.G.L. 184 Gl en d St. Chest Springs UPMC- Altoona 814-889-2011 7.8 house ver 36 Rev. 10/30/17 Rd e Schoolhous 1.1 ho Bea Dr. art Dys Sc St. 53 op Sa d. er b b er Lo int y. Cr Hw es R av Be Hu LAK . e 3rd Ave. in Ma Haida . St. 0.5 S.G.L. 108 e Rd. Ave Saint Augustine ak g Au . Rd Dr d. tin us y l 4.5 Miners Medical Center 814-247-3100 3rd ALE Rd . ver Bea lle ne lo Va Co Hastings Blv 2. Beaver 3.0 36 Frugality 3.3 S.G.L. 108 253 0 a rin Ma Rd. Lake Glendale Patton H 2.9 Valle y k Cree 3.4 Rd. Marina Rd. Van Ormer y 1.1 0.5 GLE ND Saint 3.4 Saint Boniface 108 Valle STATE GAME LAND 108 PRINCE GALLITZIN STATE PARK Glendale H E Bea Park Office 814-674-1000 Campground Office 814-674-1007 Ranger Station 814-674-1013 Fallen Timber Creek Hastings S.G.L. Swartz Entrance Miners Medical Center y Valle 4.5 Rd. ce 36 Rd. 5.1 ROCK RUN RECREATION AREA Saint Lawrence La wr en t e ld S ai nt Beaver Valley PRINCE GALLITZIN STATE PARK HOSPITAL MAP 53 rfi ea es Rd Cl Ch Rd r Law Beaver Dam Run ll N Flinton . Hi Church ence 764

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