brochure Erie - Map

Map of Erie National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Pennsylvania. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Fr Erie en ch C re e k Ro ad Muddy Creek HollyTrail wa mp National Wildlife Refuge k To Cambridge Springs 1.5 Miles Cre e Seneca Division S D T-819 ea d M d Roa p am Hank s Sw Seneca Division 19 6 ee Cr Exit 154 408 k 77 198 Gilberts Corners 86 Refuge Headquarters/ Visitor Center ? 27 27 Exit 141 Wooded Drive 173 427 285 Crawford Co. Venango Co. 322 Road Mercer Co. 79 North d 198 Roa New To Meadville 8.5 Miles Sugar Lake Division Guys Mills Meadville Franklin ? Boland Road Allen Road McFadden 27 Rd. To Sugar Lake Division - 10 Miles 408 198 Tsuga Nature Trail Shaf fe r R oad Legend Refuge Headquarters 27 Mt. Hope Refuge Boundary 173 Wildlife Observation Area Refuge Trail Deer Run Trail and Observation Deck Accessible Accessible Fishing Pier ? Restrooms Observation Blind Sugar Lake 173 9 ke 79 Guys Mills To U.S. Route 322 4 Miles 07 Cambridge Springs 198 Deer Run Overlook -20 La Sugar Lake Division To Meadville 8.5 Miles k Oil Cr e e ee k LR Beaver RunTrail Cr ee k Trolley Line Trail ? T-783 Cr To Seneca Division 10 Miles dy Ro ad d Wo odc ock u 408 ? Information Kiosk Stream and body of water Road Marsh 0 0 1 Kilometer .5 1 Mile

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