Texas Mid-coast NWR Complex


brochure Texas Mid-coast NWR Complex - Fish

Fish of Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex (NWR) in Texas. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Fish Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex Bastrop Bayou Fishing Pier The following 127 fish ranges Goldfish Red shiner are expected to include Brazoria County and the refuges. Blacktail shiner Common carp Mississippi silvery minnow Spotted gar Plains minnow Longnose gar Ribbon shiner Alligator gar Shoal chub American eel Silver chub Inshore lizard fish Golden shiner Least puffer Blackspot shiner Bowfin Smalleye shiner Skipjack herring Ghost shiner Gizzard shad Sharpnose shiner Gulf Menhaden Chub shiner Threadfin Shad Silverband shiner Bay anchovy Sand shiner Goldeye Mimic shiner Grass pickerel Pugnose minnow Central stoneroller Suckermouth minnow Grass carp Fathead Minnow Bullhead minnow Creek chub River carpsucker Blue sucker Lake chubsucker Smallmouth buffalo Black buffalo Spotted sucker Gray redhorse Family Mugilidae Striped mullet White mullet Lady fish Gulf pipefish Chain pipefish Black bullhead Yellow bullhead Blue catfish Channel catfish Tadpole madtom Freckled madtom Flathead catfish Sea catfishes Hardhead catfish Gafftopsail catfish Gulf toadfish Atlantic midshipman Pirate perch Brook silverside Inland silverside Atlantic needlefish Western mosquitofish Sailfin molly Western starhead topminnow Golden topminnow Gulf killifish Diamond killifish Blackstripe topminnow Bayou topminnow Longnose killifish Plains killifish Rainwater killifish Sheepshead minnow White bass Crevalle jack Flier Redbreast sunfish Green sunfish Warmouth Orangespotted sunfish Bluegill Dollar sunfish Longear sunfish Redear sunfish Spotted sunfish Bantam sunfish Spotted bass Largemouth bass White crappie Black crappie Banded pygmy sunfish Western sand darter Scaly sand darter Slough darter Cedar Lake Creek Boat Ramp Slop Bowl Aerial Photo Dusky darter Spotfin mojarra Silver jenny Tidewater mojarra Flagfin mojara Pigfish Freshwater Drum Black Drum Red Drum Gulf Kingfish Sand Seatrout Silver Seatrout Spotted Seatrout Spot Atlantic croaker Silver perch Sheepshead Pinfish Southern Flounder Fringed flounder Bay whiff Hogchoker Lined sole Blackcheek tonguefish Southern stingray Atlantic stingray Naked goby Clown goby Darter goby Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex 2547 CR316 Brazoria, TX 77422 Phone 979-964-4011 Fax 979-964-4021 Photographs © Greg Lavaty

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