Texas Mid-coast NWR Complex


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Mammals of Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex (NWR) in Texas. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Mammals Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex Cougar FAMILY MUSTELIDAE Long-tailed Weasel American Mink Northern River Otter Spotted Skunk Striped Skunk FAMILY PROCYONIDAE Raccoon Ringtail Raccoon The following 52 mammals’ ranges are expected to include Brazoria County and the refuges. MAMMALS ORDER DIDELPHIMORPHA MARSUPIALS FAMILY DIDELPHIDAE Virginia Oppossum ORDER XENARTHRA EDENTATES FAMILY DASYPODIDAE Nine-banded Armadillo ORDER INSECTIVORA INSECTIVORES FAMILY SORICIDAE Short-tailed Shrew Least Shrew FAMILY TALPIDAE Eastern Mole ORDER CHIROPTERA BATS FAMILY VESPERTILIONIDAE Big Brown Bat Eastern Pipestrelle Eastern Red Bat Evening Bat Hoary Bat Brazilian Free-tailed Bat ORDER CARNIVORA CARNIVORES FAMILY CANIDAE Coyote Gray Fox Red Fox FAMILY FELIDAE Bobcat ORDER ARTIODACTYLA UNGULATES FAMILY SUIDAE *Pig (feral) Coyote White-footed Mouse FAMILY CRICETIDAE Muskrat FAMILY MYOCASTORIDAE *Nutria ORDER LAGOMORPHA LAGOMORPHS FAMILY LEPORIDAE Bobcat FAMILY CERVIDAE White-tailed Deer ORDER RODENTIA RODENTS FAMILY SCIURIDAE Eastern Fox Squirrel Eastern Gray Squirrel Southern Flying Squirrel FAMILY GEOMYIDAE Attwater’s Packet Gopher Baird’s Pocket Gopher FAMILY CASTORIDAE American Beaver FAMILY MURIDAE Deer Mouse Eastern Woodrat Eastern Harvest Mouse Fulvous Harvest Mouse Hispid Pocket Mouse House Mouse Roof Rat Hispid Cotton Rat Marsh Rice Rat Northern Pygmy Mouse *Norway Rat Eastern Cottontail Swamp Rabbit White-Tailed Deer California Jackrabbit * denotes an invasive species Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex 2547 CR316 Brazoria, TX 77422 Phone 979-964-4011 Fax 979-964-4021 Bobcat Photograph by Mack Hicks All Other Photographs © Greg Lavaty

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