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Flight Park State Recreation Area is in northern Utah, dedicated to hang gliding and paragliding. The park is located on the south side of Point of the Mountain, just north of Lehi. It is known as one of the best training sites for both paragliding and hang gliding.


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Utah State Parks Field Guide. Published by Utah State Parks.

flight Park SRA https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/flight-park https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_Park_State_Recreation_Area Flight Park State Recreation Area is in northern Utah, dedicated to hang gliding and paragliding. The park is located on the south side of Point of the Mountain, just north of Lehi. It is known as one of the best training sites for both paragliding and hang gliding.
FLIGHT PARK STATE RECREATION AREA U FLIGHT PARK RECREATIONPARK AREA STATE FLIGHT STATE RECREATION AREA tah State Parks and Recreation and the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (UHGPGA) are partnering to preserve this unique recreation area. Flight Park is known worldwide as one of the best training sites for both paragliding and hang gliding. Each year approximately 700 pilots fly the point. Flying activities usually occur in the early morning when consistent south winds create smooth soaring conditions. Evening flight activities take place on the north side of the point at the county park. Spectators are welcome to enjoy an up-close view of the flight activities. NO TRESPASSING i Utah State Parks and Recreation is pleased to add Flight Park State Recreation Area to its recreation inventory, further diversifying our state park system. The agency manages 42 state parks and museums, and administers the state boating and off-highway vehicle programs. Today this area is popular not only for hang gliders and paragliders, but also RC model glider enthusiasts who fly at the west side of the park. InterMountain Silent Flyers is a group of radio control soaring pilots involved in many areas of silent flight, including thermal, slope, hand launch, cross-country, and electric powered airplane flying activities at the Flight Park. DRIVING DIRECTIONS F rom Salt Lake City, take I-15 south to Bluffdale Exit #288. Go left (east) under highway and take a right on the frontage road, which is called Minute Man Drive in Salt Lake UHGPGA Launching Parking Lot Landing Area FOR YOUR SAFETY Hang Gliding/Paragliding Rules Park Boundary The site was first used for foot-launched aviation (sailplanes). In 1927, the University of Utah Flying Club flew here using a Model A or Model T to launch. If a car wasn’t available, a team of men pulling a rope helped launch flyers. _ County and North Frontage Road in Utah County. Follow it south for 2.5 miles to the sharp bend in the road. Go east at the “Point Of The Mountain Flight Park” sign, which is East Frontage Road. Follow East Frontage Road (a dirt road) into the park. Continue northeast up to the bench and turn west on top of the bench into the parking area. Current UHGPGA (local association) membership required. RC Model Glider Parking i Launch Area Current H-2/P-2 or higher USHPA (national association) rating required. Students and H-1/P-1 must be with UHGPGA approved instructor. i n Helmets must be worn prior to hooking into glider. Park Entrance ★ Map Legend Park Boundary Roads Canal Railroad Tracks No OHVs North Frontage Road To Cabela’s 1.5 miles i Parking _ Restrooms n Paragliders must launch and land on west side of Flight Park and hang gliders to the east. n Any instructor may limit the number of gliders flying at once. n Always clear traffic and yell, “launching” before taking off and entering flight pattern. n You must fly the pattern at the Flight Park. Conditions often become unsafe due to high traffic. If you feel uncomfortable, please land until conditions are more favorable. (If unfamiliar with the pattern, consult an instructor.) n Use of paramotors prohibited in Flight Park. n Clear landing zone immediately. n Freestyle flying (not observing the pattern) is not permitted in crowded conditions and may lead to membership revocation. Advanced pilots are advised to fly in the “pit” to the far west or far east lower benches, away from normal flight area. Call (801) 635-0739 or consult a local instructor for membership in UHGPGA. Failure to follow these rules is a violation of Utah Code 63-11-17.3, a Class B misdemeanor, and punishable by imprisonment up to six months in jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. Safety Rules of the Ridge n Always clear your turns - See, Be Seen, and Avoid n Do not pin other pilots against ridge - Leave enough room to turn out from ridge. n In ridge soaring conditions, pass on the right but realize others may not follow this rule. n Watch heads and eyes of other pilots for clues as to next move. n First pilot to enter a thermal establishes turning direction - Lower pilot has right-ofway. n In ridge soaring conditions, a faster glider overtaking another glider, passes on the inside (ridge side). n Please stay in a counter clockwise rotation when ridge soaring - glider on the right has right-of-way. Thermaling should be done outside the ridge soaring pattern. n No off-highway vehicles. BE AWARE n Summer flying conditions can be strong Thermals after 10 a.m. n Flying congestion and rapid shifts in weather can change conditions from P2/H2 to P4/H4 quickly. n Gliders with streamers are student pilots Do not get too close. n The irrigation canal south of the LZ is extremely dangerous. Avoid landing near it at all costs. n There are power lines across gravel pit and behind launch. n Follow the rules of the ridge. n Clear your launches and turns around, above, and below you. n Ensure pilots of radio-contro
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